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June 12, 2019

Amazon’s Best Buys for Your Home

Gadgets, geegaws and thing-a-majigs…sometimes you need things for your home that you may not even know that you need! The staff at Ernest Homes has collected some of our favorite “cool stuff” for your new home, all available on Amazon at bargain prices. Each piece is designed to make your life easier, less stressful – and maybe just a little more “hip”. Check them out for yourself! The Pet Broom…and So Much More! This is one of the easiest ways we know of to get rid of pet hair quickly and easily. And it’s great for cleaning multiple surfaces like rugs, drapes, tiles and even windows! A built-in squeegee edge and a telescopic handle make it easy to use. Swivel Plug If you find that you need extra outlets or a place for another USB cord, the swivel plug is the answer to all your problems. Run multiple devices on the same outlet for one low, low price. Relief for Your Feet Your home office needs one of these…especially if you have arthritis in your knees or feet, a nagging sports injury or if your ankles tend to swell if you sit all day. Keep Things Moving… With one of the most interesting bathroom gadgets ever! Satisfied customers swear by it – it’s a must for anyone looking for an easier path to daily duties! For extra efficiency, pair it with some Poo-Pourri and you’re ready to “go”! Dim Those Electronic “Glows” It’s easy to cover the annoying little lights on your electronics…make your rooms a little darker at night with these handy stickers! Tired of Bathroom Clutter? Keep your bath tidy with pockets…in your shower curtain! Instead of bulky shower caddies or inconvenient piles of products balanced on the corners of your tub, this unique idea saves tons of space! Eggs-cellent Meal Options…in a Flash! Breakfast – or any other time – is the time for eggs with this super-fast cooking tool. Full of handy features to make cooking eggs even easier, this tiny appliance will quickly become one of your favorite gadgets. Keep Your Home Secure… With this amazing all-in-one security device at an amazing price. If you have an Alexa, you can bump up your home security with this genius buy. Reusable Straws Be environmentally-friendly with these little steel beauties! Kids love them…and so do their parents! Keurig Cool If you prefer to grind your own coffee or use loose leaf teas, these spiffy mini-baskets for your Keurig make single cup convenience available to you! Kid-Friendly, Mother-Approved The ultimate warm-weather snack for kids…fish pops! (And they come in other shapes, too!) Lunch in an Instant – Retro Style! Get your hot dog on with this cool gizmo…lunch was never so quick and easy! Toy? No, Mother’s Little Helper! This is a mom’s dream…a child’s toy that actually helps clean your house! The mini Dyson Ball Vacuum isn’t just for fun – it does the job! Sound the Alarm! Does someone in your family have trouble getting up in the morning? If too many snoozes make mornings difficult at your house, welcome Clocky to your family…problem solved! This clock actually makes you get out of bed by running away from you when the alarm sounds. Chase him down to turn off the sound…works every time! Let the Good Times Roll! Always looking for a place in your bathroom to stash your back-up roll of TP? Here’s your answer! Have a Ball! Looking for handy ways to store athletic equipment? This handy holder takes care of football storage; also available for basketballs and soccer balls. The Snake You Want in Your House Looking for a safe, effective way to unclog your drains without harsh chemicals? Try this drain snake on for size…you’ll be hooked! Put a Little Zip in Your Fridge! Do snacks, lunches and bagged leftovers get lost in your fridge?  This handy tool keeps bagged food front and center, easy to spot, grab and go! Forgot About Dinner? Take steaks, chops or hamburger out of the freezer and be ready to eat in a snap! Defrost meat super-fast with this marvel – emergency carry-out not required! Disco Shower! Turn your shower into a nightclub – and it’s your choice of music with this unique speaker system accented with LED mood lights!
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