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March 5, 2021

Live Where the Work Is – Savannah GA’s Top Employers

When you’re shopping for a new home, it may be because you’re taking a new job, or it may be that you are looking for a fresh start. While many would never decide to move without a job waiting for them, some families find themselves relocating without ready employment for one or more family members. It’s very common for a spouse or older child to surrender their job to follow another family member in a move. In our new technology-heavy economy, many families have become more mobile due to one spouse having a portable career that does most of the heavy lifting for the family’s overall budget. And it isn’t unheard of for a family to have a strong desire to move to a certain area to be closer to other relatives, who may lend a helping hand until new jobs are found. Sometimes families simply want to make a change to a location they’ve dreamed about, or perhaps their move is directed by the military. For whatever reason, it’s likely that at least one member of the family will need to find a new job soon after the move.

If you’re new to the Savannah, GA area, the team from Ernest Homes wants to give you a warm welcome…and some information on some of the top employers in the region. These companies have been singled out by one or more career-ranking entities as one of the foremost employers in the area. If you’re job hunting, reaching out to one of these exceptional companies may be one of your first steps. Of course, there are hundreds of great companies in our area to work for, but these lists can get you off to a quick start.

Zippia is a leading web portal designed to help job seekers find the best opportunities in today’s market. Their team extracts intelligence from real world experiences to provide the best information and tools for people to achieve their career plansBased on their employee satisfaction scores, here are the top 20 employers in the Savannah, GA market. Each score is out of a five possible star rating.

  1.  Memorial Health Credit Union - 4.6
  2. Gulfstream Aerospace - 4.5
  3. Citi Trends - 4.5
  4. St. Joseph’s/Candler - 4.5
  5. Diamond Crystal Brands - 4.4
  6. Grayco - 4.3
  7. Chatham Parkway Toyota - 4.3
  8. Lori Systems - 4.3
  9. Morris Multimedia - 4.2
  10. Lummus - 4.2
  11. Thunderbolt Marine - 4.2
  12. Sullivan Group HR - 4.1
  13. Union Mission - 4.1
  14. Southcoast Medical Group - 4.1
  15. Senior Citizens, Inc. - 4.0
  16. Nicholson, Christopher W - 4.0
  17. Envirovac - 4.0
  18. Chatham Area Transit - 3.8
  19. City of Savannah CART - 3.8
  20. Mercer Middle School - 3.8

You can also use the list of local companies provided by the famous employee salary and satisfaction ranking website, While Savannah’s local companies aren’t ranked in number order by their overall satisfaction scores, you can find a huge list of local companies here. After you sign up for a free Glassdoor account, you can get in-depth information on hundreds of companies, read employee reviews, get salary information and even tips on how to ace an interview with your chosen company. If you’re eager to check out a company before responding to their ad, or if you want help preparing for an interview, Glassdoor is one of the easiest ways to get honest feedback on the company culture and environment from their employees, both past and present.

Although is better known as a job board, don’t forget to check out local Savannah area companies on this site as well. Lately it’s giving a run for it’s money by offering similar information about company culture, hiring practices, and employee satisfaction ratings. Use this link to take you to the nerve center of job hunting in Savannah. If you haven’t used as of yet, sign up for a free account to get access to mountains of useful information on the local job market. If you want to see all of the reviews from current and past employees, simply provide a review of a company you’ve worked for and unlock the keys to the kingdom!

If you’re the type of person who only wants to work for a company who always offers a helping hand to others, the United Way of the Coastal Empire compiles a list of the Top 30 Companies in the Savannah Area based on giving back to the community. Check out some of these employers as well!

  1. Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation
  2. Publix Super Markets
  3. Georgia Ports Authority
  4. Colonial Group
  5. Savannah-Chatham County Public School System
  6. Georgia-Pacific Savannah River Mill
  7. Chatham County & Retirees
  8. JCB
  9. City of Savannah & Retirees
  10. St. Joseph’s/Candler Health System
  11. International Paper & Retirees
  12. Kroger
  13. Effingham County Board of Education
  14. Georgia Power & Retirees
  15. Bradley Plywood Corporation
  16. SunTrust
  17. Critz Auto Group
  18. Memorial Health
  19. Kraton Chemical
  20. Target
  21. Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems
  22. Thomas & Hutton
  23. Sterling Seacrest Partners
  24. Chatham Steel Corporation
  25. Shaw Industries
  26. Kole Management Company
  27. United Parcel Service
  28. Bryan County Schools
  29. United Way of the Coastal Empire
  30. Liberty County School System

If you’re like most Americans, the single largest use of your awake hours is your work. It’s important to find the right fit for your skills, personality and lifestyle! Don’t settle for just any job – find one that excites you as much as your new home!


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