The difference really is in the details...

At Ernest Signature Custom Homes the difference really is in the details. From impeccable craftsmanship and quality construction to those all-important details that make a home your very own, our mission is to ensure your utmost satisfaction in every decision made.

In that regard, we proudly present The Gallery at Ernest Homes. This extraordinary, state-of-the-art design center is simply unsurpassed in the region and arguably among the best in the nation. It's designed to excite your senses, allowing you to experience the possibilities of your new home in a very real, truly inspiring way.

See the colors, accents, and intricate designs that reflect your own personal style.

Touch the textures and luxurious softness that exude immense character inside and out.

Feel what it's like to enjoy every imaginable feature in your home, before it's even built.

It's possible. It's here. And it's all just for you.

The Gallery at Ernest Signature Custom Homes -- let the excitement and selections begin. We're with you all the way.  After you've selected the perfect plan, home site and neighborhood for your family's needs, the fun really begins as you make a house your home. But we understand that with so many personal choices, your design consultation can, at times, be a bit overwhelming. That's why The Gallery at Ernest Signature Custom Homes includes the personal service and professional expertise of an experienced Design Consultant. One who is carefully trained to help you make every decision, big or small, effortless, enjoyable and rewarding. Whether choosing from our exquisite offering of included features or adding more extensive personal touches, your journey through The Gallery will refresh your spirit, spark your imagination and exceed your expectations.

The result? The beautiful brand new home of your dreams.

How the Gallery works for you.

Setting A Date -- Within days of your new home purchase, your Design Consultant will call to schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience. We'll provide detailed information about what to expect, what to bring, who to bring and more.

First Impressions -- Just as you greet guests in your own home with a warm welcome, we begin your Gallery experience in our Hospitality Area. As introductions are made, you'll enjoy refreshments and gain your very first impression of our remarkable showroom, where your new home will soon come to life.

What's Cookin'? -- The Gallery features not one, but three furnished, functional, and spectacular kitchens to make every homeowner feel like a top chef. You'll experience the latest in appliances, cabinetry, countertops, hardware and more. And you'll instantly envision evenings filled with delicious aromas, good friends and great conversation.

Curb Appeal -- There's also a comprehensive display of exterior selections where you'll see outdoor lighting, doors, pavers, brick, siding and roofing. Everything you need to make the very best first impression of your home, all perfectly displayed and yours for the choosing.

Drift Away -- Have you always longed for your very own private in-home spa? Then our lavish lavatory selections are sure to have you dreaming of relaxing bubble baths and soothing showers. Preview the latest in faucets, shower heads, shower doors, sinks, tubs, hardware, decorative windows, mirrors and more! Here, you'll create a room where you do far more than simply "take" a bath.

Gadgets & Gizmos -- The Gallery at Ernest Homes also features a variety of ways to simplify your life. In our "Gadgets & Gizmos" section you'll find the latest in "smart home" technology. Discover the convenience of a smart-thermostat system, the latest remote controls and dimmer switches, closet systems, handicap bathroom capabilities and more.

Illumination -- We guarantee your journey through The Gallery will be an illuminating experience. In our spectacular interior lighting area and throughout the entire Gallery, you'll see every imaginable way to brighten your day or evening. Select from dining room chandeliers, kitchen pendant lights, recessed lights and of course ceiling fans and light kits.

Walk This Way -- From the moment you set foot in The Gallery, you'll come in contact with a dazzling array of flooring choices for your new Ernest home. In fact, we offer more than 400 different ways for you to step right up to exotic hardwoods, ceramic, porcelain, and marble tile, plush carpeting and durable vinyl. Many of our more popular selections are installed throughout The Gallery to give you a true representation of the flooring's look and feel in your own home.

It's all yours.
The heart and soul of The Gallery at Ernest Homes is a central work station where you'll see your personal selections come together throughout your design consultation. To reinforce the confidence in the selections you've made full array of chosen samples and displaying them together, allowing you to see the collective results. You may decide on a different cabinet, choose to upgrade your flooring option, or even discover you love your decisions now more than ever and wouldn't change a thing. Once final decisions are made, we then create a detailed and itemized list of all of your selections and, if you have chosen to go beyond our included features, provide prices as well. With your purchase agreement complete, the customization of your home truly begins and soon, it's all yours to enjoy in your very own Ernest Home.

To schedule your consultation appointment, or for more information about The Gallery and Ernest Signature Custom Homes, please contact us at (912) 756-4135.