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Congratulations on the Purchase of Your New Ernest Home!

You did it. Finally, the greatest place on earth is your home — and you get to come back to it every single day. With all of the extraordinary things headed your way, your home’s warranty guarantees that nothing can ruin any special moment.

Caring for Your Home

Ernest Homes has constructed your home with quality materials and the labor of experienced craftsmen. Before using any material, it must meet our specifications for quality and durability. All work is done under our supervision to attain the best possible results for your investment. A home is one of the last hand-built products left in the world.... Read More

Homeowner's Manual

You can find many of your responsibilities as an owner in the "Caring for Your Home", Section 8 of the manual. Become familiar with the home maintenance you should provide and our warranty service commitment to you.

2 - 10 Homebuyers Warranty

We protect our valued homeowners with the industry's best warranty program.

On the day of closing, your new Ernest home comes with a 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty that includes a one-year workmanship, two years systems, and 10-year structural warranty. You will receive a warranty booklet that provides specific coverage.

Reporting Warranty Items

All service requests must be submitted in writing.

Sixty-Day Report

In order for our service program to operate a maximum efficiency and for you own convenience, we suggest that you wait 60 days before submitting any warranty list.  This allows you sufficient time to become settled in your new home and to thoroughly examine all components.

Year-End Report

Near the end of the eleventh month of your materials and workmanship warranty, you should submit a year-end report. We will also be happy to discuss any maintenance questions you may have at that time.

One-Time Repairs

We provide several first-time repairs for your home. Your Homeowner Manual lists these under individual headings such as drywall and flooring in the Caring for Your Home section. We provide this service as a courtesy and to give you an opportunity to observe methods and materials needed for ongoing maintenance of your home.

Only ONE one-time repair request per home during the warranty period please. We suggest sending this in near the end of your warranty year to maximize the benefits you receive

Emergency Service

  • As defined by the limited warranty, an emergency includes situations such as: 
  • Total loss of heat when outside temperature is below 45 degrees F.
  • Total loss of electricity. (Check with the utility company before reporting this circumstance to Ernest Homes or electrician.)
  • Total loss of water. (Check with the water department to be certain the problem is not a general outage in the area.)
  • Plumbing leak that requires the entire water supply to be shut off.
  • Gas leak. (Contact your utility company or plumber if the leak is at the furnace or water heater supply lines.)
  • Roof or water leak.
  • During business hours: Call us at 912-756-4135 or email us warranty@ernesthomes.com 
  • Call our Emergency Line, (912) 459-1512, or the necessary trade contractor directly. Their phone numbers are listed below or on the Emergency Phone Numbers sheet you receive at orientation.

Emergency Contact Numbers

  • Plumbing (912) 330-8151
  • Heating & Air (912) 429-0924
  • Electric (912) 655-2482
  • Appliances (912) 756-4474
  • Septic (912) 312-0947

Other Warranty Service

If you wish to initiate non-emergency warranty service between the 60-day and year-end report, you are welcome to do so by sending in a service request form or sending an email. We will handle these requests according to the same procedures that apply to the 60-day and year-end reports.

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