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July 31, 2018

Beating the “I Just Moved Blues”

Buying and moving into a new home can be exciting, challenging and stimulating…and often a little overwhelming. While the adrenaline of the situation will keep you revved up and energized while it’s in motion, many new homeowners are a bit surprised and discouraged to find that they’re falling prey to the “new home blues” once it’s all over. In a turn of events similar to the “baby blues” of post-partum depression, once the actual purchasing and relocating is done, it isn’t unusual for the recently relocated to fall into the doldrums, and possibly even deeper bouts of discouragement, loneliness and depression. Unlike post-partum depression, most cases of post-move despair aren’t related to body chemistry. However, the emotional issues that arise can also be debilitating, preventing you from fully enjoying the benefits of your new home. If you find yourself feeling not-so-thrilled about your move now that it’s behind you, we’ve gathered some helpful tips from experts that can help you divert your thoughts and energies into more positive and productive directions. Hopefully one or more of them will help you discover the delight you were sure you would feel in your new digs! Resuscitate Your Routine Getting back into the normal swing of things can help you adjust. If you normally rise at a certain time daily, shop for groceries on Sunday afternoons or get your nails done every other Thursday, following these familiar traditions can help you establish yourself in your new surroundings. Allow Yourself Some Downtime The extreme stress and non-stop activity involved in the last stages of moving can be exhausting. In many cases, people who have just expended this much continuous energy for weeks at a time may not realize just how bone tired they really are. Treat yourself to some extra sleep if you feel even a bit tired. Take a nap on the couch after dinner, snooze on a lawn chair Saturday afternoon or sleep in for a morning or two. In most cases, once your body has a chance to bounce back a bit, you’ll regain much of your energy and be more interested in daily life. Turn Up the Treadmill Or take a bike ride, join a gym, go for a long walk through the park, or sign up for a kick-boxing class. Extra exercise is known to lift your mood and energize your body. You’ll also burn a few extra calories, which means you can indulge in a few more bites of dessert… Enjoy Comfort Foods (In moderation, of course!) Like those extra bites of dessert above. It’s proven that people have emotional attachments to certain types of food, and indulging in these treats can help you over a case of the blues. It’s also a great excuse to try some of the restaurants near your new home – you never know what wonderful new favorites you’ll find! Put Your Life on a Laugh Track Now is a great time to binge-watch some of your favorite comedies, or rent the latest funny movies. Make sure to watch at least one or two side-splitters every day, because the simple act of laughing is therapeutic. Keep in Touch With Old Friends Pick up the phone to chat, send a newsy email or post to your Facebook account. The trick here is to think of all the positive things you can about your new home and neighborhood, and share them with those you love. Just hearing familiar voices can be reassuring and uplifting. Invite them to come and stay soon, so you can take them on a tour of your new home! And Make New Ones… You’ll also cheer up a bit if you have something to look forward to, and someone to share these new activities with. Take a class in a subject that’s always interested you. If you read, join a book club. If you knit or quilt, look for a craft group near you. If you golf, inquire at the local clubs about opportunities to play as a substitute or to join a current group who may be short a member. Take your hobbies and run with them…they’re great ways to meet others with similar interests. Don’t forget to check your alumni bulletins,, LinkedIn or other sources for people you know who may live nearer to you now. Volunteering It’s also a great way to meet new people, and they’ll have the same passion for a cause that you do. Pick your favorite charities and find ways to pitch in, whether it’s serving on the line at a soup kitchen, mentoring kids, packing canned goods at a food bank or registering donors at a blood drive. Try Something New Every Week Whether it’s checking out the local library, finding the community pool, visiting a yoga studio or searching out an independent film at an off-beat cinema, make a point of getting out into the community and discovering what it has to offer. If these suggestions don’t make a dent in your down feelings, you may need a little extra help to get over your relocation blues. If it wasn’t your idea to move from the beginning, or if your new location isn’t what you had in mind, you may have more trouble than usual adjusting to your recent move. Sharing your feelings and concerns with a professional can often open your eyes to options you hadn’t considered or help you find ways to cope with the difficulties you’re experiencing. Just making the first appointment can shed a little light into your day. For most who suffer from the “just moved blues”, a little adjustment time and a bit of extra effort will soon have you feeling right at home in your new environment!

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