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May 13, 2018

Best Retro Touches for Each Room of Your Home

One of the hottest themes in today’s décor is retro! Vintage items (or fantastic copies) are popping up everywhere, breathing new life into old-school trends. You don’t have to go top to bottom retro to take advantage of this popular design style – you can simply add a few pieces here and there to give a nod to the latest fashion in home accessories. Here’s a few ideas to get you started! Kitchen Small appliances are an ideal place to start, especially if they’ll be in full view on a countertop. Mixers, blenders, tea kettles and storage canisters are available in various colors to match or add color splashes to the room. You can also find vintage bread boxes, clocks, telephones or lighting fixtures. If you’re looking to deepen your retro footprint, you can go for a 50’s diner look table and chairs or a 70’s style Formica center island. You can even buy brand new large appliances such as refrigerators and stoves that look like pieces from the 40’s, 50’s and 70’s…in every shade from stainless steel to avocado and harvest gold! Bold tile flooring squares in teal, deep or bright red, black, white or cream can make a retro statement when arranged in vibrant patterns. Expand your vintage choices by adding dinnerware and glassware from past decades. Living Rooms, Family Rooms and Great Rooms Funky furniture is a great way to play with retro décor. Experiment with rounded corner, triangular, glass-topped coffee tables or mod couches from the sixties, or sleek, modern mid-century styles. Think outside the box with a compact vintage bar, complete with stainless steel barware and chic retro glassware. If you’re feeling brave, put your walls into the “way back machine” by adding paneling. You can mix this nod to the wood wall era with boldly patterned window treatments, zany wallpaper or heavily textured rug. Mod mirrors used as wall décor are also a great way to pay tribute to days gone by. If you’re a music-loving family, think about adding a vintage jukebox or chest stereo system with a turntable to spin your favorite tunes on vinyl! Bedrooms You can pick up some of the ideas from your living room here too…especially wall mirrors and paneling. You can also find retro patterned bedding in a wide variety of colors and patterns. Bedside telephones, lamps and pendant lamps can easily set a vintage mood. You can even “tap into” the ultimate nod to retro in the snooze room…try a waterbed festooned with faux fur pillows! Add an eye-catching corner chair in a complimentary color and your bedroom takes on a style all its own! Bathrooms Retro color is the way to go in the bath, especially if you’re fine with pink, green or powder blue ceramic tubs, sinks and commodes! If this seems over the top, replace your fixtures with ones that honor days gone by. Retro tile flooring is a great complement to your vintage-colored mainstays. If you’re going with this color scheme, keep your walls and curtains white and accent with like-colored pink, blue or green towels. Retro can take another path in your bath…outfit it with knobby fixtures, space-age shaped storage cabinets and glass shower doors. Outdoor Don’t forget your deck, patio or sunroom! Mid-20th century families created suburban living, and a vibrant, integral part of their lifestyle was entertaining outside. Metal or heavy gauge steel garden furniture with all-weather seat cushions in fun patterns like florals, stripes, or polka dots brings out the fun in retro décor.

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