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January 9, 2020

Buying a Home – Practical Decision Making

When it’s time to buy a home, many people let their emotions choose where they’re going to live. “Falling in love” with a house sounds romantic and exciting, but living with the consequences of a snap decision based on a “wonderful yard”, a “fantastic fireplace” or an “amazing view” can make your dream home a living nightmare. If there was ever a time to use some tried and true business principles to help you make an informed decision, this would be it. To pave the way, the team at Ernest Homes has sketched out some of management’s favorite steps to marry your heart with your head.

Make a List…Check It Twice

Before you do anything else, make a list of your “must have” attributes. You may be looking for a great school system, a short commute to work, easy access to shopping and entertainment or a quiet neighborhood. Once you’ve added every possible deal breaker to your list, it’s time to shortlist the residential areas within your budget that check off every box. This will help you narrow down the locations where you’ll be looking. If you stick to these spots, you’ll be off to a good start.

The Search Begins

Once you’ve located the neighborhoods that meet your needs, it’s time to look at houses. Select houses with the features you’re looking for, including the right number of bedrooms and baths, overall size and a floorplan that works for your family. Only look at houses that will serve you well without expensive modifications. This will keep you focused on your ultimate goal and eliminate distractions. You’ll also want to consider the future of each home before making a final decision. Is the home well built, with a reasonable guarantee? Is the area growing and thriving, with a bright outlook for years ahead? Are new roads going to be built nearby, or will large companies relocate to the area? Will your home appeal to up and coming buyers if you should decide to sell it sometime down the line? Sometimes the prospects of one home will far outclass the others, making it the wisest choice going forward.

Enjoy the Intangibles…

While every house you look at will meet your needs, there will be certain ones that offer something a little more. It may be a certain “feel” that moves you, a fantastic kitchen or a closet to die for. One intangible could be the deciding factor, eliminating all other contenders, or it may be a combination of several little things that puts one house ahead of the others.

Ask Your Family’s Opinion

While Mom and Dad are the final decision makers, be sure to ask children to weigh in with their reactions. They may have noticed things that you haven’t, or have observations you may not have considered. Ellie’s parents hadn’t thought about where they would walk their dog, but she pointed out that there wasn’t a sidewalk with street lights near their potential new home. Nighttime bathroom breaks would be inconvenient, and possibly dangerous.

Don’t Give in to Desperation

If you don’t find the house that moves you right away, don’t let your anxiety or a strange situation rush you into a decision you’ll regret later. Trying to get out of a house that isn’t right for your family can be a monumental task. Ask a current landlord if you can extend your lease on a monthly basis while you continue to house hunt, or consider temporary housing in a short term rental. You could even put your belongings in storage and crash with family for a bit, or spend some time in an extended stay hotel. However, when you do find the home of your dreams, don’t hesitate to move quickly to seal the deal. If you love this house enough to buy it, it’s certain that someone else does too!


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