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May 11, 2019

Choose the Right Community for Your Family

The most important decision you make when buying new construction isn’t the house you will choose; it’s selecting the community where it will be built. It’s easy to be taken in by the “perfect” floor plan or the “ideal” size of a new home, but it’s crucial to carefully examine the surroundings before deciding to move ahead with your purchase. A community offers many different types of residences, but the neighborhood needs to be a great fit if your family is going to be happy where you choose to live. As the premier homebuilders in the Savannah, GA area, Ernest Homes knows exactly what you need to consider when choosing the community where you’ll make your home. Here’s some of the topics you’ll need to cover: Quality Education Whether it’s highly rated public schools or exclusive private schools, charter schools or an outstanding homeschooling network, make sure that the options nearby will give your children the type of education you want. If you’re choosing a school that requires tuition fees, make sure they’ll be a reasonable part of your budget before signing a contract for your new home. Community Infrastructure Mission critical – research the quality of the services provided by police, fire, local hospitals and other emergency services before making a final decision about relocating your family. You need to be sure that if you need help, trained professionals will be readily available. Ready Access to Amenities Most families prefer to have quality shopping, entertainment and recreational options close to home. If you’re looking for a “deep country” lifestyle, you probably won’t mind driving a half hour or more to take care of daily errands and stock up on necessary supplies. However, many families (especially those with small children or elderly relatives living with them) don’t have the bandwidth in their day for lengthy commutes to essential products and services. Green Space to Grow Why did the suburbs become so popular after World War Two? The simple answer – green space. Thousands and thousands of city dwellers discovered the joy of lawns, swing sets, backyard barbeques, swimming pools and flower beds. Getting the amount of breathing room you and your family need is one of the ways to make sure the community you select is the right one for you. Privacy is Paramount Are you the sort of family that wants to get deeply involved with your community, making a ton of friends and packing your schedule with social events? Or does your clan tend to keep to themselves, with a few trusted friends and a lot of private time? Get a feel for the community and it’s personality before you move in; you’ll want to choose a place that respects your personal need for space. Take a Bite Out of Crime It’s always a good idea to get an idea of the types of crimes common in areas near your prospective new home, and how many incidences are reported, on average. It’s also important to check trends – is crime on the rise or has it been decreasing? Many communities also have active neighborhood watch programs, so make sure you ask about a community’s level of local involvement before you take the plunge. Many communities that spring up around new construction are safe, low-crime zones. Interview a Few Neighbors Take a few walks around the community (at different times of the day) and interview a few of the people who might become your neighbors. You can get an idea if the “personality” of the residents will mesh with your own, and how they feel about life in their hometown. You can also check out how well the other homeowners take care of their properties. The value of your home is closely linked to the visual quality of the neighborhood as a whole. And last but not least - Look to Fill a Current Void Sit down with a pen and paper and think about what your current community lacks that you’d like to experience in your next choice of a home base.  Once you’ve made the list, rank the issues in order from most important to least important. This may help you choose which community will meet more of your family’s needs in a more objective fashion.
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