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March 9, 2018

Essential Home Repair Products

Even if you aren’t the handyman type, every home should have a few essential “fix-it” products on hand for those little emergencies. It’s surprising how many everyday problems will pop up, requiring your attention at the most inconvenient times. If you’re prepared, you can address them quickly, saving time and money by not having to call in an expert. WD-40 A staple in just about every home for decades, the product in this iconic blue and yellow can will act as a lubricant, prevent corrosion and repel dirt. Your dad and grandfather have been using it to un-squeak hinges, remove excess dried glue or stickers, clean garden tools and remove tough stains such as scuff marks, toilet bowl water lines and tea since before you were born. And believe it or not, you can even use it as a bug killer in a pinch! Aim and shoot, and the offending cockroach, spider or other insect is down for the count. CLR Another great product you can use to remove those annoying water line marks in your toilet bowl, CLR also removes lime from your bath fixtures, calcium from your humidifier coils and rust stains from just about anything. Bondo This all-purpose putty can be used to fill cracks and holes in drywall (an essential when you’re rearranging artwork or photos on your walls), metal, wood, masonry and concrete. The quick-dry formula sets and can be sanded and painted in about 15 minutes. Minwax Furniture Stain Markers Scratches and nicks in your wooden furniture happen all the time…so be ready with these handy fill-in tools. Available in shades to match different wood finishes, these lifesavers work like a felt-tip pen to keep your surfaces looking good. They can even be used on floors, moldings and cabinets! VLP Leather & Vinyl Repair If you tear a leather cushion, don’t despair…repair! Both leather and vinyl can be repaired with VLP. Its amazing formula actually dissolves the edges of a tear, creates a new bond that holds them together, and dries clear. You don’t even have to worry about matching the color! Save your upholstery, awnings, pool or grill covers, inflatables, and more. Gorilla Tape and Glue This power duo takes adhesive to the next level! Stronger and stickier than standard duct tape, Gorilla Tape works wonders on porous surfaces such as brick and wood. Its super-thick layer of goo will remove paint when removed, so make sure you’re ready for quick touch-ups if you have to use it on walls or similar surfaces. Gorilla Glue actually comes in a number of forms, from the popular original formula in white and clear to super glues, wood glues, and craft glues such as glue sticks and spray adhesives. Rustoleum Appliance Touch-Up Paint Take care of those annoying and unsightly chips and nicks in your washers, dryers, stoves, refrigerators and other household essentials with this handy epoxy product, matched to standard colors of many popular brands of appliances. Flex Seal This amazing can contains liquid rubber that coats, seals and protects instantly! When dry, the paintable, flexible rubber coating won't sag, drip, crack or peel. Use on roof leaks, gutters, skylights, hoses, foundations…anywhere you need to keep water out. It’s also available in liquid form. Cobra Zip-It Drain Cleaning Tool For only a few dollars, you can grab one of these barbed plastic strips. Instead of messing around with toxic liquids, just slip the Zip-It tool into your drain, twist, and viola…the clog comes right out. Faster and more effective than chemicals, it’s much safer for both the environment and your health. Plus, it’s reusable. One small investment will last for years. ScreenMend Screen Patch or Roll Keep bugs out of your house by repairing rips and holes in your screens in minutes. Simply cut the patch to the size you need, and apply using the heat from your hand-held hairdryer. Nothing could be easier! If you have longer slices through your screens, use the handy roll form to repair them instead. Homax Wall Patch Available in several sizes, this galvanized steel and reinforced fiberglass mesh patch can repair holes in drywall and plaster in a flash. The self-adhesive patch works on both walls and ceilings, and creates a permanent repair.

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