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December 31, 2017

Help Your Home Beat the Winter Blahs

The short, dark days of winter are upon us…and for a lot of us, that means feeling a little down in the dumps. Yes, it’s the holidays, but this festive, exciting season will soon be coming to an end. The distractions of gifts, cookies and welcome rounds of visits with family and friends will only last a few more days. Once you’ve had a week or so to recover, what are you going to do to give your spirits a little boost? We have some great ideas for sprucing up your home and lifting your mood at the same time. Check out the list below for your favorites! Add Some Cozy Touches After Christmas sales are hot, hot, hot when it comes to blankets, throws and bedding. January white sales can help you stock up on snuggly, warm items in bright colors or fun patterns. Pick out some new throws for your living room, den and bedrooms that are not only great for keeping you toasty while binge-watching TV, they’re also décor touches that update the look of your room. Ditch Grandma’s “over the back of the couch” style and display them in wicker baskets next to the sofa or under a coffee or end tables. Flannel sheets offer an instant “aaahhh” when you crawl into bed at night. Fluffy, cozy and fully breathable, they pair up wonderfully with a new bedspread or duvet cover. And don’t forget how wonderful a thick, absorbent full-size bath sheet will feel when you step out of your hot shower! Choose a striking pattern or vibrant shade and you can use these amazing finds not only to dry off, but to add splashes of color to your bathroom décor. Lighten Up Shorter, darker days can dim your mood, so make sure you add some extra light to your home for the winter. Feeling a bit lazy when it comes to taking down your white twinkle lights after the holidays? So…don’t! Leave them up for the rest of the winter. The delicate sparkle will give the exterior of your house and your lawn a delightful ski resort look. (Unfortunately, the same isn’t true for your multi-colored lights…they say Christmas loud and clear!) Soft, shimmering candlelight is not only romantic, it can also add tantalizing fragrances to the air. Make sure you monitor your candles carefully, and you’ll be able to enjoy their warmth and beauty for hours and hours. And don’t forget your fireplace…a crackling log behind a grate provides not only light, but heat and mesmerizing movement. Pour a glass of wine, put on some soft music and watch the fire dance! You can also up the wattage in a few light bulbs here and there…it will help dispel the cold shadows that creep into your house in the winter. Your Nose Knows Boil some sticks of cinnamon in a pot on your stove, along with some cloves, orange peel or apples. The fruity, spicy scent is a great way to give your house a jolt of energy and a delightful aroma. Soup is another way to perfume the air and gives you a delicious treat as well. No matter what the season, an arrangement of fresh flowers brightens up a room and tickles your senses. Check with your local florist to discover which blooms are readily available during the colder months, and have him or her rank them for you based on scent, appearance and longevity. You can also add potted green plants for a zing of color wherever your décor is looking a little tired. Surprisingly, some houseplants, including indoor palm trees, cut down on the amount of toxins in your home and add extra moisture to dry winter air. Paint the Town Red And your walls green and yellow! Studies show that these colors lift your mood and remind you of the sunny, warm days yet to come. Shake up the style of your room by painting an accent wall, creating a border design or giving a room a complete color overhaul. And don’t forget your furniture! If you’re tired of neutrals or a dark color, find slipcovers in prints or solids that “paint” your furniture in just minutes…with no mess! Housekeeping Cure
And as much as I hate to say it...taking some time out to do a little cleaning is a tried and true way to lift a case of the winter blahs! There's something about accomplishing this task that gives you a natural boost. Put a little spring into your winter by taking a few hours to tidy up. You’ll be surprised how fast the rest of the winter goes by when you use a trick or two to get the most out of every day…no matter how dark and cold!
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