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October 31, 2017

How Social Media Can Help You Buy a Home

Buying a home is a big decision…and a huge undertaking. There is so much information out there…and so many choices! How can you get down to brass tacks and find what you need and want quickly and with a minimum of stress? Is there something out there to help you make a decision you can believe in? There is…and it’s in the palm of your hand! Your smartphone or tablet can be your best friend when you’re searching for the ideal home. In today’s technology-driven society, social media is a priceless tool you can leverage to find, evaluate and rank the possibilities where you’re searching for your next home. There are several good reasons to turn to social media when you’re shopping for a new home in the Savannah, GA area. One of the most important ones is portability. With mini-computers available 24/7 to a huge number of users, you can capitalize on their power to take advantage of small windows of available time, wherever you happen to be. Have ten minutes while you’re waiting for your son to finish his karate lesson? Pull out your phone and do some research on a local homebuilder. Your hairstylist is running late? Use your tablet to read up on a new community opening soon. With the power of the Internet available to you whenever you need it, you can use social media to get valuable information about locations, prices, floor plans…the list is endless. Stay Connected with Facebook Most homebuilders, real estate agents and brokers have their own Facebook pages. Search Facebook for professionals in the area you want to live and follow their feeds or send a friend request. Most people involved in the real estate industry place a high value on networking, and are always on the lookout for ways to improve their visibility. You can get a good idea of the personality of the agent, broker or company by looking at the tone of the posts, the pictures and videos they add to their pages and the way they promote their listings or properties. You’ll get an idea if your philosophies and goals mesh – because sometimes the right chemistry is everything. Link Up with LinkedIn Once you’ve found a handful of interesting possibilities, you can “vet” agents or major players in a real estate or construction company through LinkedIn. You’ll see who they know and how long they’ve known them (back to networking again!), their top achievements and awards they’ve won, what their specialties are, and get recommendations from other users. Keep Current with Twitter This social media site is ideal for getting updated interest rates, the latest news on market trends, changes to interest rates and other quick-breaking news. You can also get announcements on new listings and special events right from homebuilders, agents or brokers. Hashtag Home Search Instagram is great for learning more about the neighborhoods and towns you think you may like. Enter the names of the communities you’re considering, and you can learn about the restaurants, culture, the cost of living, the schools and so much more. To get a peek at some actual listings in the towns you’re considering, add the term ‘real estate’ to your search. Straight to Video There’s nothing like a picture to help you narrow down your choices! Video channels such as YouTube and Vimeo have become awesome marketing tools for the real estate industry, so make sure you check out your favorites online! Keep Yourself Organized with Pinterest Pinterest can help you organize your home search by serving as a digital scrapbook of the neighborhoods, homes, interior designs and home features you’ve come to love. Your Pinterest page can continue to serve you well once you’ve purchased your home. You can then use it to keep track of your décor and home improvement ideas. One thing you must remember is that social media is created by people with their own individual opinions and experiences, some of which may be biased. Read as many reviews as possible and use your best judgement when it comes to choosing what to believe. If the majority of what you find is positive, transparent and encouraging, do your own research and form your own opinion. Social media is a great jumping off point for learning about your options, but you should never place your complete trust in what you see and read on the web.
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