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August 22, 2014

Iconic Movie and TV Homes - Which Is Your Dream House?

Certain houses have a special place in a person’s memory, and it is often because we’ve seen them in our favorite movies and television series. The most iconic and memorable houses in America resonate with viewers because there’s something about them – a special feature, a unique amenity, or a distinct personality – that make them immediately recognizable. We’re counting down some of our favorites…all guaranteed to make you say “Hey! I know that house!” # 10 - Home Alone famous-houses-on-tv-home-alone This classic comedy made Macaulay Culkin into an instant star, and established this roomy, comfortable home as the ideal residence for a huge, noisy yet loving family. Located in Winnetka, IL, this 4 bedroom, 4 bath beauty is more than ready to welcome you home for the holidays! Sold in 2012, it brought in a little more than a cool $1.5 million.   #9 – Beetlejuice gal-home-beetlejuice-jpg Quirky and experimental, this house is instantly recognizable, but it doesn’t really exist. This ‘shell’ of a house was built on a hill overlooking East Corinth, Vermont, just for the exterior shots of the 1988 movie. This photo of the famous movie home depicts the remodel of the classic Victorian owned by the recently deceased Maitlands by the more than slightly daffy Deetz family.   #8 – Full House   full house A staple of family viewing during the late 1980’s and the first part of the 1990’s, the popular sitcom Full House was set in San Francisco. This Victorian is a fine example of the style, and is situated on Broderick Street, not the imaginary Gerard.   #7 – Ferris Bueller’s Day Off Ferris Bueller Probably the most famous garage in the world is the one in the house belonging to Ferris Bueller’s best friend Cameron. This house located in Highland Park, IL was sold just a few months ago for $1.06 million dollars. You can buy quite a few Ferraris for that chunk of change!   #6 – The Munsters MunsterMansion Delightfully creepy, yet hopelessly homey and inviting, the mansion of the Munsters is the ideal choice for any modern family who thinks every day is Halloween! A delightful replica of this home is located in Texas, and they will be holding a fundraiser for the Waxahachie Senior Citizen Center this October. Check out their Facebook page here for more information!   #5 – A Christmas Story christmas-story-then-4_3 This modest home in Cleveland, OH just wouldn’t be the same without a leg lamp shining in the front window! Along with catching the pop culture favorite movie every Christmas for 24 hours straight on TBS, you can visit the actual house, which is now a museum dedicated to…what else but “A Christmas Story”! For more information on this retro side trip of a lifetime, check out their website.   #4 – The Amityville Horror amityville-horror-jpg_234400 One of the most popular “real-life” ghost stories ever told, The Amityville Horror made this colonial with its distinctive windows world-famous. It’s a little ironic that the Lutz family, who made tons of money with the royalties from the book and the movies, lost this house to foreclosure!   #3 – Up Up House One of the most popular animated films of all time has inspired an actual house built in Herriman, UT, a suburb of Salt Lake City. Disney/Pixar gave Bangerter Homes and the Salt Lake City Home Builders Association permission to construct this fully habitable house that is a true replica of the famous balloon-driven residence.   #2 – Psycho univ_psycho_frame_c_640 One of the most recognizable real estate silhouettes in history, the home of Norman Bates and his mother has chilled and thrilled audiences for decades. The original film by Alfred Hitchcock first stirred our imaginations in the 1960’s, and a whole new generation of fans is being treated to the gothic horror of this famous inn with the modern TV series Bates Motel on A&E.   #1 – The Brady Bunch brady bunch stair shot The only home on our list to be more recognizable on the inside than on the outside is Mike Brady’s masterpiece – complete with the truly memorable modern staircase! Everyone who had a child or was a child in the 1970’s remembers this nostalgic family program, which still runs in syndication today. Did we miss any of your favorites? Drop us a line via email and tell us which home or homes should make our next edition of the list! You can also check out the new iconic homes we’re building in Savannah, GA – some of them with the same great features as these fan favorites!

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