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August 1, 2023

Lighting Design Trends

There’s no better time to say it: let there be light! In your beautiful, new Ernest home, nothing sets the tone quite like optimal lighting. From your open-concept living area to your owner’s suite and beyond, modern lighting doesn’t just illuminate a room, it serves as a defining focal point as well.

Here is some insight into the hottest lighting design trends, and those that will last a lifetime. Read on and get inspired to turn the rooms in your home into the luminous spaces you’ve always dreamed of.

1. Pendants Over the Kitchen Island

Yes, pendants are beautiful to look at, but they actually perform a very important function, too. The kitchen island is where you do any number of things — from chopping veggies to reviewing letters. Task lighting in this space is essential, but why not jazz it up a little?

2. A Unique Fixture Over the Dining Table

Part of interesting interior design is doing the unexpected. Instead of a traditional fixture over your dining room table, why not choose a uniquely shaped chandelier? It's sure to be a conversation starter when guests come over to dine.

3. Industrial-Style Lighting

Industrial elements are sleek, minimal, durable, and perfect for a modern home. While large industrial items — like countertops or tables — might not lend the warm feeling we all love in a home, smaller items like pendants or ceiling fans offer the perfect amount of interest.

4. Chandeliers in Unexpected Places

Who says hanging fixtures have to stay in the dining room? Nothing adds elegance like a crystal chandelier in your walk-in closet or whimsy to your little girl’s bedroom. 

5. Sconces or Pendants Over The Nightstand

If you have a large lamp crowding out everything else on your nightstand, it may be time to consider wall sconces or pendants. Not only will they free up important real estate for books and a glass of water, you'll love their unique look and very practical use.

Lighting can truly make or break your home when it comes to livability. With these design choices, it will become the highlight of every space. Whether you choose a new home in the Savannah area, our team of talented designers will guide you to the perfect lighting design. Contact us to learn more.

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