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October 31, 2019

Make Your New House Feel Like Home

Moving day is coming to a close, and you’re staring at towers of boxes and heaps of bags that contain most of your life. It can be more than just a little overwhelming, especially when your new home still feels like an empty shell. Where do you start? How can you settle in and begin to feel truly at home as quickly as possible? The team at Ernest Homes has some fail-safe hints for diving into the task of unpacking. Pack the following favorite items into special boxes you can open right away. By setting free the items that represent the heart of your home, you’ll allow your heart to soar! Special Family Pieces Whether it’s a chiming wall clock that keeps your life running smoothly, a collection of refrigerator magnets everyone loves, treasured family portraits or a stack of your child’s favorite bedtime books, it’s important to move them into their places to bring a slice of your old, familiar home to your new one. Put your Bed Foot Forward Keep track of everyone’s favorite blankets and comforters, pillows and stuffed animals. You’ll be able to make up everyone’s familiar bed for a satisfying first sleep in your new home. Your Nose Knows The air fresheners, candles or fragrance mists that filled your old home with comforting scents can immediately make your new digs seem familiar and safe. Have a Go-To Meal Ready Don’t give in to the easy temptation of ordering a pizza or Chinese take-out for your first meal in your new home. Whether it’s a simple spaghetti or your Mom’s famous tuna casserole, choose a simple beloved family recipe that can be prepared with a few easy ingredients and a minimum of tools, pots or pans. Make sure a place setting of your daily dishware for each family member is in one of your “favorites” boxes and set the scene for many cherished family dinners to come. The Art of Moving One of the fastest ways to personalize your new home is to hang some of your favorite pieces of art on your walls. Nothing says temporary like long stretches of bare, neutral walls. Adding eye-level décor to your new home is one of the fastest ways to send comforting signals to your brain. Cushy Up Your Couch If you’re like most modern families, the TV is hooked up and ready to go before the movers are out the door. Snuggle up for an hour or two of family time featuring your favorite throw pillows, couch blankets and a favorite show or DVD. Move with Music A portable boom box or a set of speakers attached to your cell phone can set the mood for your move when you work to a playlist of your family’s favorite tunes. Spring Cleaning – In Any Season Nothing makes a home feel more like yours than putting a little elbow grease into it. While you can expect your homebuilder to present your home to you in top condition, you may want to swipe some counters, swish some floors and check for any remnants of construction dust before unloading most of your stuff. Unpack Favorite Clothing First Each family member should pack a box or bag with a few favorite outfits to be unpacked first. Stowing the clothes you love the most in your drawers or closet will make you feel much more settled. This is especially true if you’re getting around to this task on a Sunday, and the morning will bring a busy day at work or school for your family. Keep Your Current Routine Set up similar spaces for coats, keys, book bags and other daily use items as soon as you move into your new house. By continuing these ingrained habits, it will be easier to keep your family on track during the disruption of moving. Say Hello to Your Neighbors If well-meaning neighbors don’t show up with a smile or a plate of cookies after a few days have passed, take the initiative. Ask to borrow a simple baking item, such as some sugar or a common spice like cinnamon; then return it later with some cookies or a couple slices of pie. You can also ask a neighbor for a restaurant recommendation (“My son keeps asking for Mexican food…is there a good option nearby?”) or ask for the name of a reputable dentist, doctor, pet sitter or other local professional whose services you may need.


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