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March 13, 2019

Maximize the Space in Your New Home

Your new house is amazing…it’s everything you’ve ever wanted! You can’t wait to move in…with ALL of your stuff! Your books and electronics, your kid’s toys, your off-season clothes, your holiday decorations…you get the idea. Even though you’ve purchased a home that is a great size for your family, you still want to make the most of the space you’ve got. The more organized you can be, the more room you’ll have for the things that really matter. How can you maximize the space you have in your new home? We’ve put a list of tips together that will help you tackle the task! Think Vertically Most people think about opening up space on the floor, but you can also gain space by investing in vertical solutions. Shelving is a great way to add storage space to just about any room, and can be achieved in any size space. Whether utilitarian or decorative, shelving provides essential storage options. Wall-mounted cabinets are also a way to utilize vertical space – try one like this! You can also maximize space in your garage by utilizing overhead space; try overhead bike racks on for size! You can also install ceiling racks for luggage, sports equipment, seasonal decorations or lawn equipment. Another great solution…utilize space above doorways for items you need close by, but don’t use daily. Beware Bedroom Clutter Make the most of bedroom space by choosing furniture that helps with the task. Consider beds that have storage beneath, whether it’s a system of built-in drawers or a high frame that allows for stowing shoes or sweater boxes. You can also buy headboards with built-in shelves or bookcases or armoires with jewelry hooks inside the doors. Make sure all bedside tables have multiple drawers. If you have a television in your bedroom, find a stand that provides additional storage areas to make it worth the space, or mount the unit on the wall. Artful use of closet space is often the best way to save space. Consider space saver hangers, basket storage units or even a custom-built closet system. Don’t forget to store off-season items in Space Bags – these handy storage wonders can even be moved to attics, garages and basements once they’re filled and sealed. Another sneaky idea – add hooks to the back of your closet wall, behind your clothes. It’s a great place to stash things you don’t use that often, such as special occasion wear, extra handbags or accessories such as belts and scarves that are used with only one or two outfits. Save closet space by investing in a few “S” hooks – stash your jeans without the bulk of hangers or the thickness of folded fabric on shelves or in drawers. For bedrooms that double as study areas, consider a built-in wall unit with both shelves and a recessed desk. Bathroom Space Savers A shoe organizer hung on the back of the bathroom door is the ultimate clutter buster! Use the pockets to store brushes, hairstyling tools, makeup and the endless cans, bottles and tubes used every day. Take advantage of unused space by adding a handy storage unit above your commode. Kitchen Solutions The overhead space option we mentioned for your garage is also a winner in the kitchen. Pots, pans and awkward long-handled tools are easy to store with mounted racks. If you’re designing your kitchen in a new construction home, opt for taller cabinets that allow for greater storage space and full-height pantries. Install mug hooks or wine glass racks under cabinets, and mount racks or hooks on the inside of cabinet doors to store small or flat items. Don’t forget the 12 inches right below your ceiling…it’s a great place to mount a shallow shelf used to store seldom used dishes, glassware, small appliances and cookbooks. Public Area Bonus Space Good news for living rooms and family rooms! Pull-out beds now come in all sizes…not just sofas. Look for twin bed upholstered chairs, or smaller loveseats that will provide accommodations for overnight guests without devoting space to a full guest bedroom. Invest in hollow ottomans or full-size benches built for stashing odds and ends or add both storage and seating with a DIY window seat like this one. Look for Unusual Storage Opportunities Did you consider adding a closet under your staircase? Or perhaps installing toe-kick drawers under your kitchen cabinets? You might even want to add a skinny sliding pantry to your kitchen, taking advantage of that “useless space” between the fridge and the wall. You can even double-purpose your kitchen tables and chairs; store small items such as dishtowels, kitchen gadgets or even boxes of tea in handy built-in drawers. A little creative thought is all you need to find extra places to stash your stuff…and we’d love to hear yours! Drop us a line with your suggestion; we’d love to add it to the next list we share!
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