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September 29, 2022

New Home, New School Year: Homework & Study Room Ideas

It’s a new school year and a fresh beginning in your new home. And as parents, you work hard to set your kids up for success, which includes getting them ready for each school year. While you don’t have to put the floaties away just yet, you can start by prepping your home to make the back-to-school year transition seamless.

Back-to-School Tips

1. Set Up the Entryway/Mudroom

Having a cluttered entryway or mudroom can make the transitions to and from school chaotic. Make the transition a bit easier by setting up this area as the drop zone for backpacks, outer layers, shoes, umbrellas, sports gear, and anything else needed before heading out the door. Once they get home, kids can have somewhere to set their belongings and take a quick break before homework time.

2. Prep the Kitchen for Easy Access

Growing kids need lots of brain food. Take a moment to clear the fridge and pantry of expired items and stock up on breakfast, lunch, and snack items. Creating accessible go-to areas in the kitchen and pantry will have your kids fully prepared for a day of learning. Plus, hungry kids will come home knowing exactly where to go! You can also designate a lunch making station that allows your kids to choose their favorite lunch foods and get involved with the prep.

3. Organize Homework Spaces & Supplies

When it comes time for homework and studying, setting aside a specific area with all their needed supplies is important to keep your kids focused. This could be a desk in their bedrooms, a study room, a bonus room, or anywhere you can keep everything they need. As long as everything is easily accessible, your kids will be on track to keeping up with their homework.

4. Get Closets Back-to-School Ready

A fun way to get your kids involved in the prepping process is by having them help you organize their closets. This is a perfect opportunity to clear out any clothes and shoes that they don’t wear, are worn out, or just don’t fit anymore. Have them help fold and place remaining items neatly into organized drawers with labels. You can also designate an area to lay out their chosen school outfits the night before and save time in the morning.

5. Establish a Daily Routine

Once school starts, the calendar is bound to get full quickly. Establish a back-to-school routine. Also, include a daily check in that gets added to the family calendar or bulletin board. Having a set area to view schedules, assignments, extracurriculars, notes, and anything else can make sure school tasks are completed and well prepared for.

Gadgets, Doodads and Thingamajigs For Your Homework Room

There are even more ways to get your new home ready for the school year. These awesome products will create an organized and well-prepared homework room.

Magnetic Digital Timer

Keep your kids on track and focused with a magnetic digital timer. Aside from the magnetic option, it includes a retractable stand and a hook for hanging anywhere. Use this tool to show your kids how to manage their time and block study time for different subjects. It also has a memory setting that remembers your last time, so just hit start!

Room Organizer

This unique room organizer features open circular compartments to store small utensils and art supplies. It can be secured to the wall or placed on a flat surface for easy decluttering. Stash scissors, colored pencils, crayons, rulers, and anything else your kid may need to let their creativity flow. This may also be used to hold items for study prep, like flashcards and one of the digital timers mentioned above.

Noise Canceling Headphones

It may seem like a counterintuitive product for your kids to stay focused, but noise canceling headphones are a great addition to their study room. If they enjoy studying in various rooms in your new home, they can listen to audiobooks and lessons without the distraction of other family members or outside noise. The full frequency response provides a clear, rich sound for whatever sounds aid them while working, like classical or calming instrumentals.

Now that we’ve covered a few ways to prep your home and enhance your kids’ study spaces, you can be confident they’ll enjoy a successful school year. If you want to implement these ideas but haven’t found the right home yet, head to Ernest Homes. We have several communities and available homes that are sure to meet the needs of your family. Connect with us to learn more!

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