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October 13, 2015

New Trends in New Construction

Cutting edge custom homebuilding…is it for you? This phrase might make you think of stark modern designs, uncomfortable furniture and bizarre floor plans, but actually, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Today’s new construction is designed with convenience, economy and safety in mind. Homebuilders on “the cutting edge” are catering to the needs of a diverse population with flair – while keeping homes not only comfortable, but also better equipped to handle the demands of our current real estate marketplace. So…what are the latest trends in new construction? Let’s take a peek… Safety First The quality of new construction is better than ever, with higher quality materials, advanced electrical components, circuit protectors, safety glass and hard-wired smoke detectors. New ideas for improving air quality are right at your fingertips. You’ll also have valuable peace of mind knowing that your new home meets all building codes. Open Floor Plans and Unique Utilization of Space Multi-purpose areas such as great rooms (a kitchen open to a living space) and kitchens with breakfast nooks and pass bars have become incredibly popular. With better natural lighting, these more accessible large rooms are the anchor spaces of many new homes. Many homebuilders are also offering arched entryways between rooms that improve traffic flow and give the illusion of airiness. Master bedroom suites are moving downstairs…for the first time in years, it isn’t automatically assumed that Mom and Dad are sleeping upstairs. Laundry rooms are moving out of the garage/mud room area and are centrally located nearer the bedrooms, making it easier to collect washday items. Many new floorplans allow you to add dressing rooms, extra closets, and other additional storage spaces. Multi-Generational Residences The flexibility of new construction is allowing “house sharing” like never before. One family can design a home with separate apartments or suites that afford extra privacy with the cost economy of splitting a mortgage. Special Touches in the Kitchen Think about your sink – single basin sinks are on the rise again, as are granite and stone sinks. You’ll also see granite and stone countertops more frequently, with quartz joining the party. Under cabinet lighting improves visibility, especially when it comes to preparing evening meals or late night snacks. Cooktops and wall oven combinations are the appliances of choice, rather than freestanding units, and freezer on the bottom refrigerators are the latest design. Fashionable Flooring Carpet, while still popular, is giving way to hardwood, laminate, ceramic and stone flooring that is easier to clean. Upgraded Garage Doors Insulation, windows and stronger, more attractive composite materials are taking this functional must into designer territory. Garages are also getting larger, with most holding two or three cars, with extra room for storage. Energy Conservation “Green” building materials, Energy Star appliances, improved insulation, weather-beating windows, multi-zone programmable thermostats and alternative energy sources are becoming more and more important. Consider propane heating over gas or solar panels to cut electricity usage or take advantage of new energy-efficient lighting systems. Living the Wired Life Improved security systems with video pickups, surround sound systems, home theaters, and full wireless capabilities throughout the house are gaining in popularity. Imagine moving into a home that’s already prepped for phone, cable, high-speed data and satellite TV! You won’t have to lift a finger! And closing your drapes from an app on your phone is a really cool trick… And remember, this is just the beginning! If you want to learn more about the thousands of ways you can design a home that is uniquely yours, our helpful Sales Team can show you more options than you ever thought possible! Call us at 912-660-9673 or email us today!

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