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September 26, 2019

Signs You’ve Outgrown Your Current Home

If you think your home may be too small for your family’s current needs, you’ve clicked on this article. Without a doubt, this is the first sign that you may be right. Most homeowners instinctively know when it may be time to move to a different residence, so it’s not unusual to seek out guidelines that let you know that your thoughts on the subject are on the right track. The team at Ernest Homes helps homeowners make this critical decision every day, so we can help you recognize the some of these signs when they come your way. You’ve Added to Your Family If you bought a house with three bedrooms and find yourself with four children and another on the way, this is one of the easiest signs to spot. While it isn’t unusual for children to share rooms with their siblings, you need to take into consideration the gender of your children and the size of their rooms. While very young children of opposite genders can share a room, the older the children get, the more awkward it is for them to share a space with a sibling of an opposite gender. If your bedrooms tend to be small, it may be difficult to expect your children to fit comfortably once you exceed one child per room. You could also have older children returning home after college or elderly family members coming to stay. Other signs that family members need more space can include overstuffed closets and piles of clothes, toys or “stuff” that has no home cluttering floors, counters, tables and beds. You Don’t Have Space to Entertain If you can’t invite your extended family to Christmas dinner, host a party for friends, or have your kids’ friends sleep over because there just isn’t enough room, you’re bound to feel more than a little frustrated. It’s hard to socialize and interact when you can see the need for more or larger furniture or curse a small kitchen/dining area that makes meal preparation and group dining inconvenient. But there are more ways to “outgrow” a house other than the typical space concerns. You may be ready for another home for other reasons that are not quite so physical, but can be equally compelling. The Home Values in Your Neighborhood Are Increasing If you’ve been in your current home long enough to build some equity, and your neighbors’ homes have been fetching a handsome price from eager buyers, it may be time to take advantage of the situation and sell while the market is in your favor. You may come out ahead of the game and bank some profit with the sale of your current home, especially if you plan to move to a neighborhood that better suits your needs and is less expensive. Be aware – the reverse may also be true. If home values in your current neighborhood are dropping, you may want to get the best price you can while there is still a market for your home and find a place with better prospects. Your Home Has Seen Better Days If you’re living in an older home with ongoing maintenance problems, you may be facing financial issues due to repair and maintenance costs. If your patience (and wallet!) is getting thin, it may be time to “grow into” a new home. The relief you’ll feel when you’re comfortably settled in a new home with the latest technologies, energy-saving features and quality construction that will remain trouble-free for years to come will be worth its weight in gold. Your Neighborhood Is Changing Demographic changes in your current neighborhood can indicate that it’s time for you to move on. School ratings may be declining, or neighbors you’ve loved may have moved and the new neighbors aren’t interested in forging relationships. Your children may not have kids their own age to play with, or the local crime rate may be increasing. If your surroundings aren’t what your family needs, it’s time to find to find a new neighborhood that’s perfect for your family. You Find Yourself Browsing Listings…Just In Case Perhaps the most telling sign that you’re ready to move on is that you can’t resist trolling the web or turning to the classifieds to look at new homes…”just because”. When you spend your valuable time daydreaming about a new home - instead of enjoying the one you have – it’s time to take stock of why this activity appeals to you so much. If you’d like to explore your new home options, it may be time to check out the latest offerings at Ernest Homes. Give us a call at (912) 756-4135 or send us an email today – we’re always ready to help!

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