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October 15, 2019

The Most Expensive Room in Your New Home

If you’re one of the thousands of buyers purchasing new construction this year, you may wonder exactly where your money went. Which room in your new home was the most expensive to build? If your house is like most new homes, there’s a definite hierarchy builders use when it comes to spending. Here’s the countdown, brought to you by Ernest Homes. #5 – Laundry Room The costs associated with this small room may surprise you. If your laundry room is more than a closet with your appliances inside, expect the cost of a laundry room to average $2,000 - $4,000. Most of the variation in cost here is based on the brand and size of the washer and dryer installed. Don’t forget to add in costs for plumbing and electrical outlets, along with the shelving or cabinetry used. #4 – Living Room While a living room can mean different things to different people, most people consider their living room to be the place where the family spends most of their leisure time. The larger the room is, the more it will cost. If you’re thinking ahead and adding extra electrical outlets or smart technology, the cost of the room will rise at the beginning, but you’ll be covered going forward, with less investment needed to update your gadgets after a year or two. An optional fireplace and premium floor coverings can add to the price tag of anywhere from $1,500 to $5,000 on average. #3 - Full Bath Since most homes will contain more than one full bath, plan to spend between $6,000 and $14,000 for each additional full bath. The cost varies widely depending on the size of the room and the fixtures chosen, but charges for plumbing and electrical are constants. #2 – Master Bath As with the full bath, the master bath requires additional plumbing and electrical work, but master bathrooms are larger and more elaborate than a regular full bath. Most contain upgraded tubs or separate tub and shower facilities, along with his and hers sinks and even separate dressing areas. The most luxurious master baths can drive construction costs as high as $50,000, but the average master bath costs about twice as much as a full bath. #1 – Kitchen It probably isn’t a surprise that the most expensive room to construct is the kitchen. Plumbing, electrical, materials and appliances can easily drive the cost of a kitchen to over $30,000. High-end accents such as granite countertops, custom backsplashes and upgraded cabinetry will also drive up costs. Extras such as trash compactors, under-cabinet lighting and kitchen islands can add even more to the total. However, initial expenditures in your kitchen can pay big dividends if you later choose to sell your home; top tier kitchens usually increase the resale of a home substantially. There are other big ticket construction items to watch out for, such as extended garages, finished basements, and additions such as sunrooms or decks. While many of these options are completed after the home has been purchased, many builders will work with you to add these enhancements during the construction process. If you’re looking to purchase new construction, don’t hesitate to talk to your builder about the home of your dreams and how you can make it a reality. At Ernest Homes, we’re committed to creating a masterpiece for each of our homeowner families!


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