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July 20, 2014

Thinking of Selling Your Home? 10 Ways to Boost Your Home's Value!

If you’re looking at new construction in Savannah, GA, chances are you’re thinking of selling your current home, whether it is located nearby or out of town. Are you considering sprucing up your residence to make it more appealing to potential buyers? If so, there are certain tried and true upgrades that are almost certain to increase the value of your home. These ten changes (some large, some small) usually bring the “oohs” and “aahs” from hard-to-please shoppers. 1. Most Important…Take Care of the Basics! Be certain that any serious structural problems are addressed before looking to upgrades. For example, if your basement is damp and musty, or your roof is leaking, your money is best spent taking care of these core issues before investing in improvements. 2. Updating Your Kitchen This is one of the most popular ways to bring some added value to your home. The best part about this update is that you can decide how far you want to go. Do you want to gut the room and begin again, or do you want to change a bit here and there? You can customize the amount of work you want to do based upon your budget. The high points in any kitchen remodel – cabinets and appliances. Stick with neutral colors and high-class touches such as stainless steel appliances and upscale counter tops for the best results. 3. Clean Up Your Bathroom Similar to a kitchen remodel, bringing your bathroom up to date is a sure way to sway buyers. Once again, be sure to go neutral. Remove colored fixtures such as your grandma’s pink tub or that baby blue tile. Avoid trendy items such as whirlpool tubs. Make a small bathroom look larger by replacing your vanity sink with a pedestal-style unit. If you can’t afford new fixtures, or have ones that are difficult to remove, look into companies that offer surface restoration at a lower cost. 4. Replacement Windows Energy-efficient windows are valuable upgrades in any area of the country which experiences extreme temperatures…in either direction! Here in the south, keeping your air conditioning in and the hot air out is a great way to save on your energy bill! Look into new windows specially designed for warm weather climates. 5. Deck It Out! If you have the space, adding a deck is a great way to increase the living area of your home. The deck can be used as an area for dining, entertaining, or just relaxing. 6. The Perfection of Paint Whether outdoor or indoor, a fresh coat of paint can spruce up any home. Exterior paints should be lighter in color, and trending toward neutral. Popular shades include white, off-white, or pale yellow. In fact, pale yellow homes tend to sell more quickly, and for more money! Why? Yellow is an optimistic color that indicates brighter times ahead, according to Barbara Richardson, Director of Color Marketing for Glidden. Interior colors should also stay neutral, so that potential buyers aren’t put off by trying to imagine what a room would look like without “those crazy orange walls”. 7. I’d Like That on the Side… Consider fresh siding for your home. New foam-backed vinyl siding products increase energy efficiency and look fantastic! Fiber-cement siding is also a great option, due to its durability and resistance to fading. 8. A Welcoming Entry Investing in a new entryway is almost always a great move! An appealing outer door doesn’t need to be expensive, and can completely change the way a buyer looks at your home. A steel door is a great way to increase energy efficiency as well! 9. Landscaping Curb appeal is crucial – investing in your yard is a certain win! Tidy shrubs, bright flowers, and neatly groomed grass are appealing to the eye. However, keep it simple – too much plant and color variety can be distracting. 10. Increase Storage Space For many families, storage space is always a problem...especially in older homes. Adding handy storage areas can be the secret to increasing the value of your home! Now that you know what things will work to increase the value of your home, make sure you visit us for our next post – when we tell you which upgrades to avoid! These ideas may sound good at first, but can often backfire when it comes time to sell your home. See you next time!
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