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May 31, 2020

Why Are New Construction Homes Available Right Away?

At Ernest Homes, this is a question we get – and we answer – several times every week. It’s easy to understand why…potential customers think that buying new construction will guarantee that they will have to wait at least three to six months for a brand-new house to be built. Like most home builders, Ernest Homes features a varied selection of available homes on our website. These are lovely, brand new homes that you can move into just as quickly as a typical previously owned property, with all of the perks and advantages of new construction.

Why does this happen? How can a brand-new home be yours so quickly?

Most people automatically assume that the term “new construction” is completely synonymous with the term “custom builder”. Custom builders design and build a home specifically to the customer’s precise wants and needs. Due to this added level of personalization, extra time is required to bring the customer’s dream to life. Greater specificity takes a long time to achieve, resulting in extended construction timelines.

Successful builders realize that not every shopper interested in new construction has the luxury of a long lead time to wait for a new home to be built from the ground up. Life circumstances may require buyers to get settled into a home quickly, and it’s important for home builders to have inventory available for these customers.

These builders create new homes using a variety of tried and true floor plans that have proven to be successful in several communities, featuring design elements that tend to be popular with a majority of shoppers in the market for a new home. Builders use reports to identify the top features and upgrades local pre-construction buyers are choosing in their communities, so they can make informed decisions on which details to include in the homes they will sell as-is, or with minimal adaptation.

Today’s move-in ready homes are a far cry from the cookie-cutter tract homes of the post-World War II housing boom. Most of the elements featured in these homes (sometimes called “spec” or “feature” homes) are chosen because they are modern, stylish and energy efficient. These characteristics appeal to potential buyers because they make it easy to see how quickly a family will come to love their new home. These homes are often designed with open floor plans, lots of windows for natural light and rooms with the flexibility to be used for various purposes. 

Spec homes of the past were often dismissed as second-rate products, produced without much thought to the finer details found in new construction. Nothing could be further from the truth! In fact, an inventory home is a great way a reputable home builder can put their best foot forward in their housing market. By putting together a talented team of construction specialists, design center professionals and on-site customer service superstars, homebuilders have the chance to show customers and competitors alike exactly what they can achieve!

Move-in ready houses are also popular with buyers who may find it difficult to “visualize” what their new home will look like from a blueprint or a sketch of the proposed finished product, which is called an elevation. Many buyers prefer to see, touch and assess all elements of a house before agreeing to purchase it. 

Some buyers like to hand-pick every element of their new home, from the flooring to the bath fixtures. However, many customers find the responsibility of making so many choices completely overwhelming. They prefer to personalize their spaces with their interior design, focusing on the furniture and personal decor that make their home unique, while trusting the professionals to make solid choices when it comes to the functionality and general appearance of the home. This is where a featured home is ideal – the skeleton of the home is ready and waiting for them; all they need to add are their final touches.

If your family is ready to move, consider the advantages of one of our available homes. We can provide personalized tours for your small group, as home builders are considered to be an essential business under the coronavirus protocols. We’ve remained open for our customers during this challenging time, and we look forward to assisting more and more home buyers during the reopening of our nation’s economy. Call us at 912-660-9673, or send us a message today!


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