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February 1, 2024

2024 Design Trends

It's exciting to make changes in your living space, to keep up with trends or to renew a few pieces of furniture. Every year, decorators and designers around the world show us new trends to update our living spaces. Moving into your new home is the perfect opportunity to breathe new life into your existing furniture, have some fun incorporating new ideas, and maybe even redefine your style. 

As you kick off 2024, take a look at a few of the top trends that caught our eye, and get inspired to turn your new Ernest home into your all-time dream space. And don’t forget, our expert Design Consultant is here to help you every step of the way!

  1. Thoughtful Design | After decades as the default layout, open concept designs are falling out of trend. One of the lasting lessons from the pandemic is that homeowners want more separation between living areas. (Privacy and less noise are never a bad thing!) They also want more flexibility, which is why formal dining rooms continue to lose popularity in favor of office spaces or playrooms. (They can always be turned back into dining rooms later on.) 
  1. Color, Color & More Color | The all-white or gray trend is losing its appeal, coming across as sterile and boring. People want more personality, so design experts are opting for warmer color schemes and textured finishes. Color trends for 2024 celebrate individuality, ranging from versatile off-white neutrals to vibrant turquoise and bubblegum pink, warm earth tones to moody greens, navy blues and almost blacks. Whether on walls or cabinetry, pillows or upholstery, vibrant colors will be everywhere. 
  1. Shapes & Textures | Continuing the trend away from monochromatic minimalism, home design is definitely moving toward distinctive design elements. Natural wood tones, curvy sofas, interesting rugs, quirky accent pieces, whimsical patterns, unique wall tiles… home decor will be celebrating individuality, comfort, and warmth. 
  1. Wallpaper | Unsurprising after so many years of minimalism and gray everything, statement wallpaper is having a resurgence. Wallpaper on the walls, on the ceiling, behind bookshelves…in an array of patterns and styles. Florals, botanicals, and Chinoiserie or textured options such as grass cloth, raffia, or jute. 
  1. Character & Authenticity | Making choices based on what speaks to you, what draws you in, rather than what’s “trending” is a trend. A look and feel that is less rigid, more organic and eclectic. Originality and personality tell a different story for each person, so antiques, family heirlooms, vintage finds, artisanal craftsmanship, and personalized decor will become more popular as people strive to stand out.
  1. Interesting Lighting | While recessed lighting may be functional, it’s certainly not interesting or even flattering. Homeowners are opting for more individual fixtures - beautiful pendants, oversized shades, and unique designs. In line with the trend of bringing the outdoors “in”, natural light – large windows, skylights, and mirrors – is also trending.
  1. Wall Treatments | Traditional shiplap is on its way out, but those who love it are developing new ways to use it (wider planks, different directions, paint treatments). Those who are over it completely are returning to classic treatments such as chair rails, wainscoting, beadboard, board-and-batten, and picture frame molding. 

There’s something uniquely satisfying about introducing a new design element, color, or pattern into your new home. Whatever your style is, Ernest Homes is here to help you find your style. Have fun with your new home and life! Be brave and go for the gusto. After all, this is your forever home!


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