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August 14, 2020

Breathe Easy – A Guide to Household Filters

When you buy new construction, you start with a clean slate – including all the tools you need to keep everything in your home fresh, clean and in great working condition. If you want to keep it in tip-top condition, one of the things you’ll need to do is monitor the different filters used in your home. Filters of different types are used in various places of your new house, and while they all do a similar job, they’re each tailored specifically to the task at hand. Do you know where these filters are and how long they’ll last? If you’re not keeping tabs on their replacement schedule, you could find yourself facing costly repairs. The team at Ernest Homes has made it easy for you to track the life span of your most important household filters.


Filters found in furnaces help clean the air passing in and out of the mechanisms that heat your home. They catch dirt and dander, keeping the atmosphere healthier for your family. Some furnace filters only work correctly if the air current passes through them in the right direction, so take note of which way they’re installed. You should always replace your furnace filter at the beginning of each heating season, and check it monthly to make sure it is clean enough to do its job. If your furnace comes with its own air filter, this unit will have its own set of filters. Check them monthly as well.


The filter in your dryer traps lint that can cause fires if the appliance overheats due to clogged vents. You should remove the filter (lint trap) after every load of laundry. These filters are usually made of fine metal screen, and usually last the life of your dryer. If the lint trap does begin to corrode or if the screen develops holes, order a replacement part from the manufacturer.

Window Screens

While you may not think of them as filters, your screens protect your home from insects and small critters. Replace the screen as soon as you notice a breach in the wire. To clean the screens, you can remove them and wash them with soap and warm water, or simply pull residue from the screens with a lint roller or a dampened Mr. Clean eraser. You can even clean them with your vacuum cleaner!

Air Conditioning 

It’s very important to keep these filters functioning properly, as family members with allergies or asthma depend on this system to clean the air they breathe. Clean or replace the filters every month. Refer to the owner’s manual for cleaning instructions.

Kitchen Filters

There are several important filters in your kitchen, because quite a few of our common appliances have their own filters. Your range hood, refrigerator and water purifying systems require filters to help them run properly. 

It’s essential to replace your range hood filters on schedule. Range hoods are designed to capture and remove smoke, grease, and debris, preventing them from entering the ventilation system. Without these hood filters, grease, particles carried in smoke and other types of debris build up in the air ducts, becoming a fire hazard. If the screens look dirty or gummy, you can clean your filters by hand with non-abrasive sponges, hot water and gentle soap, or you can pop them out and run them through your dishwasher. Disposable kitchen hood filters are also available. Once the wool screens become dirty, simply install another set.

Refrigerator filters keep the water circulating through the appliance tasting and smelling fresh. Replace them often to get maximum benefit from the drinking water and ice dispenser. Plan to replace this filter every 6 months, unless your family uses the water dispenser frequently. Many newer units have an automatic alert that tells you when it’s time to replace the filter.

Water filters are another common find in your home, whether they’re part of a full home system, one installed in the kitchen sink, or a simple filtered pitcher. Make sure to read the product manual or insert carefully to see how often the filters need to be changed. The fact that you take filtered water into your body means it’s essential to keep this water as fresh and clean as possible.

Pool and spa filters help to distribute chemicals evenly and filter debris, silt and harmful microbes from your swimming pool or hot tub. They should be replaced every 3 to 5 years on average.

If all of these various filters and their replacement schedules are making your head spin, never fear. Several companies specialize in sending all your necessary filters directly to your home on the perfect schedule. Check out Filters FastDiscount Filters or Discount Filter Store for more information!


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