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January 17, 2017

BRRR…It’s Insulation Season!

At Ernest Signature Custom Homes, we take pride in using only the best materials and products when we’re building our award-winning homes. At this time of year, when winds whip and temperatures drop, it’s all about the insulation! We’re proud to offer Icynene spray foam insulation in all of our carefully constructed homes. When it comes to new construction in Savannah, GA, sweltering heat and high humidity aren’t your only concerns. They may not last long, but our two to three month winters can pack a powerful punch. It’s not unusual to see overnight temperatures in the teens during this time of year, so your insulation has to work overtime to help keep your utility bills in check. Not all insulation products are created equal. Some are better than others at blocking sound, some promote better air quality than others, while some excel at managing the temperature of your home. After carefully examining all of our insulation options, our management team selected Icynene spray foam insulation because it delivers exceptional results across all of these platforms. The spray foam application of Icynene allows the product to fill every available space in your new home, promoting optimal heating and cooling control. Fewer gaps mean fewer leaks and better protection! Icynene insulation expands up to 100 times its original size, filling cracks and crevices and stopping air leaks. The superior air sealing you’ll get from Icynene ensures that you’ll have the best possible management of your HVAC system. This spray foam style of insulation also helps support the overall structure of the building. Traditional forms of insulation such as cellulose and fiberglass tend to break down, fall apart and disintegrate around the floors, walls and joints of most structures. Moisture, whether from the outside or from within the structure itself, is often the main culprit. Spray foam insulation maintains its integrity under high moisture conditions and provides better protection to your home. The air sealing qualities of spray foam insulation help reduce the amount of dust, allergens and pollutants that enter your home. This dramatically improves the air quality of your residence, protecting your family from allergies and other respiratory issues. Spray foam insulations also promote health in other ways. Most traditional forms of insulation can be excellent feasting or nesting materials for rodents, termites and other nasty creepy-crawlies. However, spray foam doesn’t appeal to the tastebuds, and it doesn’t make a good home for most pests. In addition, fiberglass insulation is made with formaldehyde, which can release undesirable fumes into your home. Most spray foams, in contrast, are made without harmful chemicals and are more environmentally sound. And if you find that it’s a constant battle to hear yourself think above the noise of televisions, street traffic, video games and overloud conversations, you’re sure to appreciate Icynene’s sound dampening qualities! Spray foam has the ability to minimize airborne sound transmission between rooms, giving you more relaxing down time and improved sleep. For more information on Icynene insulation, visit them at You’ll see for yourself why we’ve selected Icynene as our insulation provider of choice. If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us at (912) 756-4135 or email us at any time…we’re here to help!

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