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January 23, 2017

Hot Home Décor Ideas

If you’re looking for a few quick updates for your home, or perhaps planning your first living room, dining room or bath, you’ll want to take a look at some of the hottest trends in interior design! Interior Curtains Rather than limiting curtains to the windows, it’s popular now to hang a curtain rod in other areas of the house. A decorative brocade can create a serene yoga corner in the living room or family room, while a bright splashy print or serene solid can conceal the prep area of the kitchen from the seating spot. Are your kids sharing a room? Give them a little extra privacy by installing a vibrant curtain! Mix and Match Bedding It’s all the rage…your shams don’t have to match your comforter or your throw pillows! Choose complimentary colors and different patterns, or mix dramatic solids you usually don’t see together. If it is pleasing to your eye, go for it! Surprising Vintage Pieces Add an antique washstand to your bathroom, a throwback appliance to your kitchen or a charming historic mirror to your bedroom. Lay an exotic Turkish carpet in your entryway. Most rooms have enough flexibility of design to add an accent from another time. Paint the Town…or Your Furniture! Coat the breakfast bar with sunny yellow, or spray your wicker deck chairs white. Your daughter’s desk becomes a vibrant pink, and your son’s changing table a soothing blue. Paint your headboard seafoam green! This is an especially practical approach to modern decorating if you’re short on cash…comb local flea markets, Craig’s List or thrift and second-hand stores for used pieces that can be transformed with just a few hours of time and a can of paint! Turn the Ordinary into Art Cover a wall with mix and match plates from a flea market. Use wallpaper to cover vinyl window shades. Reupholster furniture with recycled curtains. Turn your old concert t-shirts into a one-of-a-kind quilt. Let your imagination go wild! Re-think Your Seating Move your couches and chairs away from the walls, closer to the center of the room. It gives the room a more intimate look, and improves the interaction between the people in the room. Light Up Your Life Floor lamps are coming back into style…and they have the advantage of putting more light exactly where you want it! Update Your Hardware Jazz up your kitchen cabinets or bathroom vanity with new handles or knobs. Vintage china, brushed metal or retro molded plastic are in vogue. Take a Walk on the Wild Side Animal accents are hot right now. Try a peacock light fixture, butterfly print curtains, an elephant throw, a swan lamp. Holding Out for a Hero… Update a neutral room by choosing a “hero color”. Choose one exciting shade, and add accents of that color throughout the room. An area rug, throw pillows, curtains…your options are many, your limitations few! Paint Half a Wall Choose two shades of a color and stack them. Paint the bottom half of the wall in the darker shade, then put a paler shade from the same color family on the top half. This ombre look is taking the design world by storm! Dining Room Drama Give your dining room a new look by mixing and matching your table seating. Choose different styles and time periods, but make sure they’re all equally comfortable. Then add a dramatic patterned tablecloth for extra punch! Decorate with Maps As a décor accent, maps are where it’s at! Whether they’re brightly colored for the kid’s rooms, sketched antiques for the study or topographical specimens for the foyer, adding a map definitely takes your interior design in the right direction! Pick up a 70’s Throwback Remember tassels and fringe? Well, this staple of 1970’s style is back again! Trim a few pieces with this versatile accent and update your look in an instant. Integrating a few of these quick pick-me-ups to your décor can bring the style of your home from tired to trendy over a weekend!
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