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February 29, 2020

Choosing the Best Design Elements for Your New Home – Baths

Welcome back…in this post we’re going to talk a little about making strong choices when it comes to building the perfect bathroom. Keep in mind that your new home will have more than one bath, and each one has its own specific uses and requirements. The Design Studio team at Ernest Homes is ready with helpful hints for making the most of your new home’s bathrooms!

The Master Bath

Being larger than the other bathrooms, you have the most leeway for creativity here. The first decision you’ll make is how to tackle bathing options. Not only do you need to consider the size of your room when choosing the tubs or showers you’ll use, you need to consider the size of the people using it. Tub and shower combinations tend to offer a smaller area for bathing, so taller people or larger people will be much more comfortable in a garden tub rather than a standard size tub if they like a relaxing bath. A separate shower would be best in this case, to allow sufficient space for either a bath or a shower. Speaking of separate showers, if no-one likes to soak in the tub, you can ditch the tub entirely and use this extra space to create a dream shower with multiple heads and double (or more!) of the floor space.

It is also important to consider where shower heads are placed – ducking to shower or having the stream hit in an inconvenient location is never pleasant. When you’re looking to accommodate different body shapes and sizes, think about a shower fixture that features a hand-held option. A stand-alone shower will also give you more flexibility when it comes to the location of the shower heads.

Many master baths now offer dual sinks atop convenient, larger vanities with extra storage areas. If you can take advantage of this particular option, it’s a no-brainer. It’s a small change that makes preparing for work, sleep or a night out much, much easier. Why fight for sink space or wait to take your turn if you can each have your own faucet and basin?

Additional Full Bathrooms

In many households, the additional full baths are used by children or guests. Since they’re smaller, most do best with tub/shower combinations, saving space for adequate storage. Unless you opt for a free-standing linen closet outside of the bathroom, you’ll want to choose a sink unit with as much storage beneath it as possible. Also look for a sink with two faucets, especially if the bath will be used by more than one child. It mimics the effectiveness of the two sink master bath unit without taking up as much space. 

Ditch the towel bars for individual towel hooks, placed either on a wall or on the door. It will be easier for children to reuse towels if they have their own hook rather than threading a towel across a bar. And don’t forget to think about a convenient space to stash a stepstool for youngsters who need those extra inches to use the sink properly.

Half Baths

Due to their small size and limited function, a half bath is the easiest to plan. Since limited storage is required, this may be the ideal place to install a pedestal sink. As long as you have a trash basket, some shelving for extra soap or hand towels and a holder for a spare roll of toilet paper handy, you’ll be set. 

Some Great Ideas for All Baths

Textured tile available in slate or stone is a great safety feature; it can help prevent slips and falls on a wet floor while adding extra visual interest to the room. And don’t forget to make non-slip bath mats available in all tub/shower areas to promote wet area safety! Choose light colors for your bathroom to give it a larger, airier feel, no matter what the size of the room. If you have the option of adding extra outlets, it’s a wise move. Most baths only have two or four outlets, which may not be sufficient if multiple people are using a mirror at once, of if one person has multiple grooming and hair tools operating at the same time. 

Lighting for the bath can be problematic. You want bright lighting to prepare for your day, and mood lighting for a relaxing evening soak. Try layering your lighting for the best results. Flank your mirrors with lighting to make daily grooming tasks easier. While overhead lights are a must, lighting that shines down from above can create shadows, splotchy areas and accentuate lines across your face while shaving or putting on makeup. You want to have your bathroom light be as close to natural daylight as possible, giving you an opportunity to fine-tune makeup and ensure a color match for your clothing. Here’s a great guide you can use when you’re working with the Design Studio team to help achieve the perfect lighting for your bath. And don’t forget to add a dimmer switch for your overhead light – it’s easy to take it down a few notches to enjoy the ultimate in bath relaxation.

Ready for more ideas when it comes to customizing your home? Don’t miss our next post on smart home options!


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