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March 12, 2020

Choosing the Best Design Elements for Your New Home – Smart Technology

As a home owner during the most tech-savvy time in human history, the number of exciting new innovations in technology for the home available to you is absolutely mind-boggling. You can run your entire home through your cell phone or by the sound of your voice, reduce your carbon footprint and keep your family safer with readily available solutions that take only minutes to set up. It may seem a little overwhelming, to say the least. And if you consider yourself even a little behind the curve when it comes to technology, you may want to check out entirely. 

Help is on the way – the team at Ernest Homes is here to get you up to speed on some fantastic new options you’ll love!

Climate Control…Plus

Have you met the Trane Nexia Bridge thermostats? These sleek, compact units have a screen that’s only 4.3 inches, but they can control your home’s climate with a simple touch. Set up to six daily heating and cooling schedules, monitor the indoor humidity of your home, get 5 day weather forecasts and weather radar and navigate the entire Nexia system with a built-in Nexia Bridge. These Energy Star certified units also feature upgradeable software to extend the life of the system and can provide WiFi or Ethernet connections. To learn more, you can click through to this page or plan a visit to the Design Studio at Ernest Homes.

Fall in Love with Your Faucet

Do you go through entire days thinking that not a soul in your home listens to a single thing you say? Perhaps you need a little validation – with one of Delta’s voice activated faucets! They always respond immediately to your every command. You can ask it to turn water on and off, warm your water, dispense a specific amount or fill custom containers like your coffee pot. Great for cooking, washing, and…companionship? You can learn more about your new friend here.

What a Bargain!

One of the most economical – yet versatile – smart home technologies is the Samsung SmartThings Wifi Smart Plug. For less than $20, you can turn your regular, non-connected appliances into smart home devices. It also has features you’ll normally only find on more expensive units, such as power usage reports, flexible scheduling and voice command. It supports IFTTT applets and can integrate with other smart devices when used in conjunction with a SmartThings hub.

Sleep on It

Are you and your family members trying to get more sleep – or better sleep? The Withings Sleep Tracking Pad with Sleep Cycle Analysis monitors your sleep, uncovers breathing disturbances, gives you a daily “sleep score” and works with Alexa devices. Built-in sensors can even control the thermostat, lights, and even more to ensure a restful night and an energetic morning.

Get In on the Ground Floor!

If you’ve always wanted to be a part of the next big thing – before it’s the next big thing – check out MirroCool! This piece of smart home technology not only helps you look your best, but functions as the perfect personal assistant. Use this amazing mirror to view your daily calendar, set reminders, get traffic and weather updates, check email, check out social media and even take selfies with a built-in HD camera! It’s hands-free, voice-free and the one sure way to start your day off right!

The Great Outdoors

Your home also includes your perimeter, so don’t forget to save time and increase the “cool factor” of your smart yard. Tired of the everyday mow? If you want to work out your hammock instead of your legs and back, invest in a robotic lawn mower. If you think the Roomba was the coolest thing since sliced bread, imagine your overgrown lawn brought down to size by a self-propelled lawn mower! Check out some of the highest rated models here. And don’t forget your firepit! The latest version of the firepit from Music City Fire Company is not only a lively, warm place to gather on chilly evenings, it also provides amazing stereo sound – with flames that dance to the music! This propane or natural gas unit features WiFi, Bluetooth, touch panel display and a USB port, along with auto ignition and flame out detection.


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