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March 20, 2020

Combat the Coronavirus in Your Home

The Coronavirus pandemic has made its mark worldwide, and for those of us living in the Savannah, GA area, its presence has touched every aspect of our lives. The team at Ernest Homes is not only following best practices and governmental guidelines while we’re building new homes for our family of customers, we’re also partnering with you to make your home the perfect sanctuary. We’re featuring  our favorite tips here – and if you have ideas of your own, please share them with us!

Wash Your Hands – Again and Again and Again

One of the best ways to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus is to concentrate on hand hygiene. From the time you’ve been a small child, you’ve been told to keep your hands clean, and we’re going to suggest it again. While hand sanitizers made with at least 60% alcohol are great in a pinch (especially if you remember to let them air dry) the best way to fight the transmission is plain old soap and water. Make sure that every sink in your household is equipped with soap, disposable hand towels and hot water. Each time you wash, make sure you soap up for at least 20 seconds. The standard way to measure this time is to sing “Happy Birthday” to yourself twice. But if you’re like most people, hearing this tune in your head over and over, day in and day out, can drive you just about insane. Don’t worry…you can convert almost any song you know into the perfect hand-washing jingle with the help of Wash Your Lyrics. Simply add the title and artist of the song you’d like to sing while you wash into the web generator, and you’ll instantly get the best 20 seconds of the song to entertain you while you scrub-a-dub.

Keep it Clean

Disinfecting is huge when it comes to fighting the Coronavirus, so keep a variety of cleaning supplies handy. You’ll want to stock up on disposable wipes, spray bottles of your favorite cleaners and paper towels.  Make sure to pay close attention to frequently touched surfaces such as tables, desks, keyboards and computer mice, doorknobs, faucets, countertops, toilet handles, stair rails and remotes. If you touch it at least a few times a day, clean it! Make sure to allow all disinfectants to air dry; this allows the active ingredients to do their job. There are quite a few cleaners out there that are highly recommended to fight Coronavirus, and you can find a list of them here. This site also lists some of the larger retailers that typically carry these products, and lets you know if each one is currently available. The number of products that are out of stock may disappoint you at first, but check in frequently, as the site is updated regularly. And since many of these cleaners are popular at any time, you may already have some tucked into a cabinet or closet.

For tips related to cleaning and disinfection your home, can also visit this site created by the CDC.

Toilet Paper

We’ve heard all the jokes already, so we’ll just move on to our suggestion for TP. Only buy what you need; it’s important not to stockpile a huge amount of this staple product. If you want one extra pack for “just in case”, that’s fine. Just make sure you leave some for someone else.

Shop with Care

If you or someone in your family belongs to a high risk group (those over 60 or diagnosed with underlying medical conditions that affect breathing or immune response) or if someone becomes sick, you’ll need to have enough food and drinks on hand to get through a few weeks without heading out into the world. Unlike hunkering down for a hurricane, we won’t be losing power or going without water during this emergency. This gives us a wide variety of meals we can prepare, so plan accordingly. You can vary your menus to include frozen foods, all types of meats, dairy items and produce. Keep junk food and sugary snacks to a minimum but choose a few favorites to mix things up a bit. While you will want to have more provisions on hand than you normally would, the rule here resembles the TP rule. Buy only what you’ll need, and make sure you don’t wipe out the stock of any one item and leave others without key items. By varying your menus, you’ll also avoid “food boredom” and won’t look to meals out for a break. 

Visit Club Med

Make sure you have all your prescriptions filled to the highest level your pharmacy allows. Pick up a few extra common treatments such as cough syrup, decongestants, fever reducers and pain relievers, as well as tissues.

Entertain the Troops

If your school district isn’t set up for distance learning, come up with ways to keep your kids occupied while they’re out of school. Since parents may or may not be working from home at the same time their children are home (and bored) distractions are essential. Instead of relying solely on video games, give them a variety of things to do from this handy list. We may all make it through this enforced isolation in one piece!

While the Coronavirus has been keeping us close to home, and to the family we love, it also gives you the opportunity to devote a little extra time to explore your options if you’re planning to move once we’re back to the lives we know. The Internet can provide virtual tours of homes, community information and a safe, secure way to interact with our sales team. Ready to imagine your family’s future? Visit our available homes today!


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