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December 15, 2019

Elf on the Shelf – Last Minute Hiding Places

If you’re an Elf on the Shelf family, the most stressful thing about playing this game with your children can be finding new and interesting places for the little “Santa’s Helper” to hide. By this time of the holiday season, you may be running out of ideas. With all the hustle and bustle of the holidays, there’s hardly any time to remember to move the elf, let alone to be creative about it.  Your home can be your wingman in a perfect execution of the annual event – with a little help from the elves at Ernest Homes. Here are some quick, simple and ingenious places to place the elf – all stress free and super easy. 

  1. Inside an empty butter dish
  2. Under a wash-cloth “blanket” in the freezer
  3. Tucked into the end of the toilet paper roll
  4. In the utensil drawer
  5. On top of the ceiling fan blades
  6. Popping out of the top of a house plant
  7. Wrapped through the handle of the milk jug
  8. Inside a box of cereal
  9. In their underwear drawer
  10. Hiding among their stuffed animals or other toys
  11. Sitting inside a remote control car
  12. Hanging from the rear view mirror of the car
  13. Holding on to the Christmas tree topper
  14. Hiding in the branches of the Christmas tree
  15. Inside the mailbox
  16. Placed in a sandwich bag in the fridge with the leftovers
  17. Tucked between the cushions of the couch
  18. In the kitchen utensil holder
  19. Inside the toothbrush cup
  20. Buckled into a car seat
  21. In the opening of a tissue box
  22. Peeking out between the window blinds
  23. In a shoe
  24. Hiding in their favorite mug or cup
  25. Hanging from the top of the shower head
  26. Sitting in a Christmas wreath
  27. Tucked behind wall art, with just a body part in plain view
  28. Hanging from a curtain rod
  29. Hiding in Mom’s purse
  30. Tucked into a space on a bookshelf
  31. Playing a video game
  32. In the cookie jar
  33. Slipped inside a pillowcase or made into a bed
  34. Perched on a windowsill
  35. Hiding in Christmas décor

Happy Hiding!

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