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December 21, 2019

Quiz Time – Name These Famous Christmas Movie Houses!

‘Tis the season…for Christmas movies! Every season our favorites come around again, and we can’t resist taking a few hours out of our busy schedules to watch. Over the years, we’ve come to know these classic films inside and out, right down to the homes where these cherished families live. For a bit of holiday fun, try to name the movie connected to each famous home!

1. It may not be the biggest, the fanciest or the most expensive, but it sure gets points as the brightest!

2. This famous Christmas “house” isn’t a single family dwelling, but it’s definitely a “home for the holidays” in this classic movie musical.

3. For a creepy classic Christmas movie in the making, you’ll need to stop by this house – where a modern day family meets an ages-old malignant holiday spirit.

4. This neo-classic family film stars a clever child, two bumbling thieves, and a huge home in suburban Chicago.

5. Two women agree to swap houses for a revitalizing “me-time” Christmas, but find love instead in this chick-flick holiday gem.

6. Another beautiful Christmas film for the ages features this charming cottage, along with a riveting courtroom scene starring none other than Kris Kringle himself.

7. We revisit creepy Christmases in this home, complete with darling little pets who become troublesome after sunset.

8. No Christmas is complete without this holiday classic, where a lovable leading man discovers just how people’s lives touch each other in countless ways.

9. Romance blooms for a widower and a long-distance admirer in this Christmas charmer, where the house in question floats calmly in the water near this west coast city.

10. A bittersweet holiday movie about life, love and family takes place in this amazing northeastern farmhouse.

11. Although this Golden Age of Hollywood classic takes place throughout an entire year, the delightful climax of the film focuses on the Christmas season.

12. Now a museum dedicated to the film that is open year-round to the public, this iconic holiday home is featured in an annual 24 hour marathon showing of this popular Christmas movie. 

How many homes were you able to identify? To check your answers, scroll to the end of this post. 

Remember, any home can be an iconic home – as long as it’s filled with love. 

Happy Holidays from Your Friends at Ernest Homes!


  1. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation
  2. White Christmas
  3. Krampus
  4. Home Alone
  5. The Holiday
  6. Miracle on 34th Street
  7. Gremlins
  8. It’s a Wonderful Life
  9. Sleepless in Seattle
  10. The Family Stone
  11. Meet Me in St. Louis
  12. A Christmas Story

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