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August 18, 2019

Furbabies First – Design a Perfect Pet Room!

If some (or all!) of your kids have four legs, you may want to take notes on the latest home décor trend…pet rooms! If you have the extra space, think about giving your pets a place of their own. Not only will it give them an ideal hangout designed with their needs in mind, it can solve many pet ownership problems at the same time. Most pet parents find that a room devoted to their furry pals makes living in harmony easier. Ready to explore the idea of a pet paradise in your home? Flooring Durable, easy to clean flooring choices are a must. Believe it or not, you have excellent choices in either carpeted or hard-surface floors. If you like the idea of an easy-to-clean floor, look to either a tough, durable laminate, stone or ceramic tiled floor. If you’re going for a more casual look, you can also go with a painted concrete floor. Choose a neutral color to hide dirt and mud, or go with a bright pop of color to give the space extra pizzazz. Hardwood is a more difficult choice, as strong pet nails can mar the surface easily. It’s also essential to be vigilant for accidents, as hardwood is susceptible to stains, warping or holding undesirable odors. If carpeting is more to your liking, consider durable area rugs that can be removed for easier cleaning. All wool carpets with high levels of lanolin tend to resist staining, but there are synthetic rugs on the market that can be pulled outside and hosed off well for cleaning. Go for patterned rugs that draw the eye away from dirt and stains, or select a rug that will hide pet hair easily. Make sure that rugs are held in place by double-stick tape or non-skid pads, so that your pets can run and play safely in their room. You can also use neutral sisal or seagrass fibers that are inexpensive enough to replace several times a year to toss when they start to show wear and tear. Carpet of some type also has the benefit of reducing the sound of clicking claws, thumping tails and bouncing dog toys. Bedding At least one bed per pet is essential. Make sure the bed is large enough for your pet to stretch out in; you don’t want to cramp her sleep style. Keep in mind that animals are just like people; they like to sleep in warm areas at some times, and in cool areas at others. A warm, fuzzy bed and a sturdy, durable fabric that feels slick and cool gives Fido or Kitty a choice; they can snooze where it feels best at any time. For ease of care, make sure all bedding is machine washable. It’s amazing how many pet beds are out there…there’s a “fetching” style for any décor! Check out some dog and cat beds that not only give your pets sweet dreams, they turn your home into a showcase!   All the Comforts of Home Today’s pet rooms can also mimic the most comfortable aspects of your home. Include some puppy tech such as a wall-mounted TV, tunes from a stereo, or a web cam to keep tabs on Fluffy while you’re gone. Give your pets their own armoire or cabinet to hold their medications, medical records, food, treats, extra blankets or any items of clothing they may own. You can also give your pet his or her own toy box, making sure it is accessible for entertainment at all times. Most pets love to look out of the window, so choose a room for your pet that offers a view. Exercise and adventure are key elements when it comes to keeping cats happy with their surroundings. Make sure your cat has several scratching posts of different sizes available to discourage her from taking her claws to furniture. Think vertically for maximum adventure in a small space. Sturdy shelving gives your cat hours of fun, and stylish cat trees provide perches to oversee their kingdoms. Dogs often feel more secure when they have a crate to represent the den they would have in the wild. These days, dog crates don’t need to be unattractive metal grids; check out some of the modern choices! Set aside one corner for a bathroom area. If you’re looking for the full package, think about adding an in-room sink to wash your dog or a grooming table. Make sure to include a hidden litter box for cats… or an area for Rover to take care of business. Disposable dog pads are a good choice, or you can go with a plastic potty tray lined with artificial grass like this one. For the sake of hygiene, make sure to change the pads or litter frequently. Safety Tips Keep lighting safe for pets by using ceiling mounted units rather than lamps than are set on tables or floor lamps that are easy to knock over. Adding a ceiling fan will help control the temperature and keep stagnant air moving. Cover all cords and exposed electrical wires with cord protectors and secure them to the wall. This will prevent pets from chewing the cords or getting tangled in them. Make sure the paint you use is non-toxic and free from volatile organic compounds. If your yard is fenced and secure, treat your pet to the ultimate accessory for his or her room…a dog or cat door leading to the great outdoors!
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