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November 23, 2017

Great Gadgets for Your New Home

When you’re moving into your dream house, the urge to upgrade, streamline and “tech up” your new digs can kick in…big time. It makes sense; when you’re starting fresh, you have a better idea of which gadgets and goodies will make a positive impact on your day to day life. Some are inexpensive gems that you’ll never want to live without, while others are a little indulgent, but worth their weight in gold. If you’re looking for some genius ideas you’ll marvel over for weeks – or years – to come, you’ve come to the right place. Check out some of these top-rated gadgets for the home! Reusable Dryer Balls They look like plastic porcupines, but these shockingly simple inventions can save you hundreds of dollars by replacing liquid fabric softeners in your laundry. Not only that, they reduce the amount of time it takes to dry a load of clothes by up to 25%, which saves energy. They’re made from recycled plastic and are safe for all types of fabric, so they’ll shrink your carbon footprint and pamper your clothes at the same time. Wireless Speakers Their total portability, sleek design and crystal clear high frequency response make these beauties an absolute must for music lovers. Easy to control with a smart phone app, these space savers work with any device that can interact with the app. Take them outdoors for a summer party, perch them on a shelf in the bathroom for a “classical” bath, or lull your child to sleep – it’s entirely up to you. Robot Vacuum Cleaners We’ve come a long way from the Roomba! The latest version of the robot vacuum, the D77 Deebot from Ecovacs, not only avoids obstacles and adjusts to any type of flooring, it empties its own dust bin! You can set it to run its route at any time, even when you’re away from home. Start the Day Running Get a Clocky alarm clock and you’ll never be late for work again! This crazy alarm clock rolls on wheels – you need to actually roll out of bed and chase it around the room to turn it off. It hides, it beeps, it gets you going. Wireless LED Light Bulbs Another app runs your lighting – no wall switches required. Program your lights with the Phillips Hue LED Lighting System and turn them on and off automatically, dim them or shut them off…all from your phone or tablet. Smart Power Strips Eight outlets of intelligence monitor the area around them, with four shutting off automatically when there is no movement detected within a 20 foot radius after 30 minutes. Three are “always on”, so you can choose which outlets will serve clocks and routers, and which will give monitors, game consoles and other non-essential pieces a rest. The OneBowl Boil, serve and store your pasta in one masterful container! The unique hybrid design has a built-in strainer and a handy cover to save the leftovers. Making spaghetti has never been easier! Thermal Leak and Shower Monitors If you’re looking to cut your energy bills painlessly, use these innovative gadgets to maximize your savings. Thermal leak monitors identify “hot” and “cool” spots in your home, allowing you to find areas where additional insulation may be needed. Scan vulnerable areas such as windows, doors, fireplaces and air ducts with the monitor, which will turn red (hot) or blue (cool). You can also use the thermal leak monitor to check the efficiency of your refrigerator, freezer or auto cooling system. Shower monitors such as the Amphiro A1 install without tools and use the energy generated by water flow to save 440 kWh of energy and 8,500 liters of water every year with one of these smart devices. Light Up Your Bathroom With the Rainbowl motion sensor nightlight. Believe it or not, it lives in your toilet bowl! The device goes dormant during the daylight, and comes to life once darkness falls. When you get up, sensors detect your movement and go on for two minutes, allowing you to “take care of business” and get back to bed without the glare of harsh overhead lights. Set to a single color or a smooth transitioning multi-colored glow for a little “evening entertainment”. Designed to fit any toilet, the Rainbowl’s adjustable arm holds the nightlight firmly in place and keeps it drip-free. Ring, Ring…Is Anyone Home? The Ring Video Doorbell protects your home 24/7, even when you’re not there. Install it in minutes and let the monitoring begin! Receive instant mobile alerts as soon as someone rings your doorbell or triggers the built-in motion sensors. When you answer the alert, you can see, hear and speak to people on your property from anywhere. Pure genius! Never worry about a package being stolen from your porch again!

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