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July 21, 2017

Liquid Landscaping – Beyond Birdbaths and Koi Ponds

Working wonders with water may seem difficult, but one of the most creative and exciting ways to add some visual interest to your yard is surprisingly easy – if you go with the flow! When most people think of water elements for their lawns, their minds automatically float to rock-rimmed koi ponds and traditional birdbaths…with or without cherubs. However, today’s landscaping options are full of modern ideas for decorating with water. Let’s look at some of the most innovative concepts in fountains, ponds and pools! Starting Small… If you’re new to waterscaping, it may be a good idea to think small. A compact, portable greenery bowl such as the one below is an ideal starter project. These bright green water lettuces and succulents can accent a table top or balcony or serve as the focal point for a seating arrangement. Its low maintenance and inexpensive, too! Fountains can also be petite or cover small areas. This Asian-inspired mini-masterpiece lends a Zen flair to your garden or deck, and the relaxing trickle can be the perfect antidote to a stressful day. Long, tall tube fountains are a dramatic way to make the most of a small ground space. The graduated sizes add visual interest, and they’re easy on your water budget. Wondrous Waterfalls These water elements come in all shapes and sizes, and are absolute show stoppers! Chic, stylish and sophisticated, this dramatic retaining wall makes an eye-popping border or divider, and doesn’t rely on fish, plants or boulders to create visual interest. If you’d like to blend art and water, investigate waterfall sculptures such as this one: The solar-powered waterfall below features a built-in planter to combine florals or greenery with a natural looking stone finish; it’s right at home in your garden or nestled into your seating area. Pools Galore! Who says your family swimming pool needs to be a suburban eyesore? Elegance, style and practicality meet in water treasures such as these. If you’ve been thinking about both waterscaping and a pool, now is the time to “jump into” a decorative and functional pool/spa combination. Or simply a pool… Or a hot tub alone… Ponds for All Who says you need to keep fish to have a gorgeous pond? If you don’t have the time or patience for fish, try a free-standing pond such as this one. The decorative tile mosaic detail fits in well with most home styles, and adding a bit of greenery to the pond draws the eye. It’s also a great source of extra seating when a bunch of friends come to visit – just perch on the granite rim with a plate of barbeque and a fork! Create your own pond with a DIY kit! Will your friends and neighbors believe that this gorgeous pond with three different water plants is your own handiwork? If you have a large lawn space and you’re feeling ambitious, blend your pond with a stream or waterfall for a gorgeous centerpiece! Creative Repurposing If you’re looking for one-of-a-kind water features for your home, don’t be afraid to raid flea markets, antique fairs and yard sales for unique pieces that can have a second life as decorative design elements for your outdoor décor. Try an old claw-foot tub pool… A wheelbarrow fountain… A washtub rock garden with waterfall… Or a tractor tire pond! There are as many different ways to decorate your deck, lawn or garden with water as there are drops in the ocean! Let you imagination run wild…and let the water flow!

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