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July 31, 2017

Moving in Bad Weather – How to Handle a Storm

You’re all set to move…and the storm is moving in! It’s hard to change your moving day once it’s set, and there’s always a chance that the weather won’t be accommodating. Here’s how you can make the best of a soggy or chilly situation. Hire a Moving Company While it’s tempting (and often less expensive) to round up the troops and depend on volunteers to help you move, lining up a moving company to handle the transition can be preferable. Trained, professional movers handle boxes, furniture and breakables in all kinds of weather, and have the experience you need to get through a soggy or frigid move. Also, if the weather is awful there’s a good chance your well-intentioned unpaid work force may cancel on you, leaving you shorthanded when you need their help the most. A paid moving crew is guaranteed to be there, ready to work, no matter how ugly it is outside. Moving companies also have weather-resistant packing designed to cover specific items available if it is needed. Protect Your Belongings Don’t worry too much about most of the items you’ve packed in boxes. As long as they’ve been sealed with packing tape, cardboard boxes are sturdier than you would think. If the boxes are simply being moved from your old home to a truck and back out again, they’ll protect your goods just fine. If you’re concerned about smaller boxes containing books, buy some large trash bags and pop the box in the bag. Since books are heavy, they’re usually packed in boxes that are small enough to fit in a standard lawn and leaf bag quite easily. Transfer important papers into plastic bins, just in case. Wrap your furniture in blankets. Not only will it help protect the furniture from nicks and scratches, the fabric will absorb the wet and help protect wood finishes and fabrics. If the rain is an absolute downpour, add a layer of plastic wrap over the blankets. Electronics, small appliances, clothing, linens and pillows not in boxes can also be bagged in kitchen trash bags or lawn and leaf bags to help keep them dry. Artwork should be wrapped in plastic wrap or inexpensive dollar store shower curtains and packing tape, depending on its size. Once the items are inside, remove the coverings as soon as possible to prevent the liquid from pooling or breaching the seal. If your boxes are wet, remove items from them as soon as possible, and place the boxes in a recycling receptacle right away. They won’t be reusable, so make sure the residual moisture from them doesn’t cause musty odors or mold. Towels and Tarps Are Your Friends Towels wash easily and can be placed in strategic locations to help prevent water and mud from being tracked into your hall or foyer. Put them on both sides of the door and in heavy traffic areas for best results. Towels can also be placed on the floor where pieces of furniture will be set, catching the moisture that will come off the wrapping before it hits the carpet or wood flooring. You can also use tarps, old sheets and bedspreads or dollar store shower curtains to cover the floors under larger pieces of furniture. If your entryway has hardwood flooring, make sure to use a waterproof tarp along the entire length to prevent water damage. Proper Attire Is a Must Professional movers will always wear boots or sturdy sneakers. Make sure that everyone else involved in the move wears full-foot shoes with a non-skid, non-slip tread to avoid accidents. Ditch the umbrellas in favor of rain jackets or slickers. You’ll have full use of your hands and most likely, you’ll stay a little drier. Turn Up the Heat If you’re moving in weather that’s colder than expected, make sure your utilities are hooked up and ready to go before moving day, so you can turn on the heat before the moving crew arrives. Yes, you’ll lose a little heat through the open doors, but the warm air will keep hands more flexible, so that grips will be surer and drops less likely. Mother Nature has her own agenda, and you have to play by her rules. But if you use some of our handy tips and tricks, your foul-weather move won’t rain on your parade!
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