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May 1, 2020

Social Distancing Outdoors – Family Activities You’ll Love!

While the state of Georgia is slowly beginning to open some of our businesses and gathering places, as a country it’s still important for all of us to recognize the need for social distancing as we ease back into a less restrictive society. At Ernest Homes, we’re celebrating the many wonderful ways we can interact with our families that don’t involve video games, TV, four walls and boredom snacking. Try some of these fantastic ideas for getting out of the house and learning to love the outside again!

Wash Your Car – and Wash Your Cares Away!

This common chore becomes uncommon fun when everyone pitches in! Grab a bottle of dish soap, your hose, paper towels and a portable vacuum, and you’re good to go! Don’t forget to break up the tasks with a water balloon fight, a squirt gun battle or a contest with a prize for the person who completes their assigned task best.

Art for All

Unpack the sidewalk chalk and let loose! Assign each family member a square in front of your home and cover your world with color.

Bubble Up

Blowing bubbles is classic fun for everyone of any age. Take it up a notch with a super bubble making kit delivered right to your door. And if you’re really feeling edgy, whip out the bubble guns!

Picnic Party

Spread a tablecloth on your lawn and break out the sandwiches! Lunch is much more fun outdoors, especially if you add a few ants!

Scavenger Hunt Heaven

Your neighborhood becomes a giant puzzle when you make a list of things you’re likely to find in your community. Stroll in your small group, crossing the street, falling back or walking ahead of anyone else you may see. Check off items such as a door wreath, a cat in the window, a lawn gnome or a birdbath.

Serve Your Community

Take some trash bags and set out to collect as much litter as you can. If your neighborhood is garbage-free, or close to it, don your masks, jump in the car and head to a local park or the beach to get your tidy on! Make sure to keep a safe distance from anyone you see.

Stop Time in its Tracks

Create your own family time capsule using this handy guide, then find a special place in your yard to stash it away. Let each person have a turn digging the hole, and agree on a time in the future to go back and look at what your lives were like during this crazy time!

Go Birding

Whether it’s in your neighborhood, in a local park or out in fields or the woods, pick a place where you can keep 6 feet between your party and anyone else, then look to the skies! Grab some binoculars and use this cheat sheet to identify as many of the birds you see as you can. Don’t forget to wear your masks if you may see other people where you’re going.

Teach Your Dog to Play Frisbee

No explanation needed…it’s just that cool.

Create Your Own Obstacle Course

You may not be able to get your children in the house for dinner if you get creative with one of these 25 different obstacle courses designed just for kids!

Go to Camp…in Your Back Yard

Plan an exciting night for the family just yards away from your home. Pitch a tent, gather blankets, pillows or sleeping bags, and let nature do the rest. If you have a grill, cook dinner outdoors and toast marshmallows over the glowing coals. Add chocolate bars and graham crackers if you’re feeling ambitious – smores always elevate a camping experience! You can also enjoy a fire pit or chiminea if your homeowner’s association allows one. Brush up on your astronomy with charts you can use to identify constellations and spot planets. Go old school with a paper chart or download a stargazing app to help you get started. Finish the night with campfire songs before zipping the tent and bunking in.


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