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July 27, 2019

Throw a Creative Housewarming Party

You love your new house and can’t wait to show it off! You may also need a few things to round out your kitchen, bath or pantry…and a light-hearted social gathering may be just the way to pick up a few of those odds and ends. Let’s look at a few great themes for an awesome housewarming party – you’re sure to find one perfect for you! Potluck Party This casual get-together is a fantastic way to invite your new neighbors to meet your family and see what you’ve done with your home. Add some of your best friends to the guest list and you’re sure to have a great time! Have each person or family bring a dish to share, with the operative word being “dish”. Your guests will leave the cake pan, serving platter, egg tray or crock pot with you to help you stock your new kitchen. Just make sure to have a supply of plastic cutlery and serving utensils handy! Spice it Up… Pack the rack…if each guest brings a bottle or tin of a spice, seasoning or flavoring, you’re sure to have the right accent for any meal in your pantry! Great Gardens If you’re planning your housewarming during a time when the weather tends to be fine, plan for an outside gig. Set up a tent or two for some shade if you don’t have some trees handy, add lawn games, an outdoor bar, plenty of finger foods and you’re set to go. This is also a great idea to welcome friends if your home isn’t quite ready for display – you can offer your hospitality without the stress of making sure your house is perfect. And some other ideas if your house isn’t quite ready… Throw a painting party. If you’re not sold on neutral white or cream walls, have some old friends or new neighbors pitch in to paint the town red…or blue…or yellow. This works best before you start unpacking, but when you’re ready to conquer that daunting step, you can host an unpacking party for your established friend base. It’s a great way for your crew to meet your new house and help you get moved in at the same time. Make sure your moving boxes are labeled with the correct room so that your guests can rip into your boxes and do some initial unpacking in the proper place. Guests can stock pantries, fill linen closets, hang clothing or shelve books…the list is endless! Laughter, fun and pizza and wings when the job is done is a great way to get a jump on settling in. Keep private items in their own boxes in a safe place – you’ll work on those later. Stock the Bar Soiree An ideal first party for amateur bartenders, this get-acquainted evening is sure to be a hit. Each guest brings a sealed bottle of their favorite adult beverage to the party, and you provide mixers and lots of hearty snacks. Safety first – before the party begins, make sure you have Uber or Lyft apps on your phone, along with the number of a reputable cab company. Scavenger Hunt Make a list of a bunch of unique or festive items hidden around your home, and dispatch guests to find them, either alone or in family teams. The seekers who collect the most items are the winners, so make sure to provide a prize. A gift certificate to a popular local restaurant, a movie gift card or a supermarket card is almost always welcome. A “Fresh” Idea for a Party… The bathroom “shower” is a fun housewarming idea! Since guests tend to use the bathroom (or stop in to see it during a tour), add a line to your invite asking guests to surprise your bath with a little extra something. A roll of toilet paper, a bath bomb, a comic hand towel or a few spare toothbrushes can spruce up the room and keep you well stocked for a while. Music for the Masses Plan a musical event for the ages. Ask each guest to RSVP with his or her favorite song. Be sure to sprinkle the songs into your party playlist, so that guests can hear their “best of the best” during the party. If you have enough time, you can play them more than once. Program the songs ahead of time on a loop to keep your time free for your guests. If your courage is at an all-time high, consider renting (or maybe even buying) a karaoke machine. Usually it takes a brave soul or two to get the crowd started, but once it gets rolling, hilarity often ensues. Photo Op It Decide on a hashtag for your event…then encourage your guests to snap away during the party. Once the guests share their photos on social media, if you like, you can even collect all the photos after the event and create memento books or calendars for your friends.
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