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September 18, 2017

Top 10 Features Most Wanted by Homeowners Found in New Homes

A recent poll of shoppers in the real estate market found that new construction is the hands-down winner when it comes to delivering the top ten features most desired by homeowners. Today’s buyers are eco-savvy, organized and looking for options that will allow them to customize their living spaces. New construction provides them with opportunities to meet these needs and many more!   1. Open Floorplans and Flexible Living Spaces Today’s buyers are looking for higher ceilings, rooms that promote better air flow and larger, more open areas such as great rooms that can be used in a variety of ways. The adaptability of many current floorplans offered by home builders is a big plus in this arena.   2. Pick a Size, Any Size… Typical buyers don’t want to overbuy or underbuy; they want exactly the amount of space that they need. Today’s homebuilders come equipped with a variety of floor plans in many sizes, from cozy, well-planned two-bedroom hideaways to large, 4+ bedroom residences for growing families.   3. Making the Most of the Great Outdoors Patios, sunrooms, and larger lots are making a comeback! As buyers look to capitalize on their outdoor options, homebuilders are uniquely positioned to offer these features and many more.   4. Upgraded Décor Choices Most homebuilders have created or enlarged home décor galleries that offer a wide variety of choices for hardware, countertops, flooring, window treatments, paint and other design options. Building these specific items directly into a home is often more efficient and less expensive in the long run than retro-fitting an existing home.   5. Modern Kitchens The newest look for kitchens – stainless steel, stone and granite, tile and the most up-to-the-minute choices in appliances. New construction offers these opportunities not only from a design standpoint, but also through top of the line electrical wiring and the latest technology for energy delivery.   6. Community Amenities Today’s shoppers are looking for homes that provide “a little something extra” for members of their communities. Swimming pools, playgrounds, club houses, fitness centers, reflection ponds, walking trails and other amenities are calling cards for homebuilders; their planned communities offer these sought-after services at no additional cost.   7. Energy Efficiency Have you heard of the Home Energy Rating System? It’s also knows as a HERS Score. It’s an industry standard used to rate a home’s energy efficiency. More energy efficient homes have a lower score. The U.S. Department of Energy states that typical new construction is 30% more energy efficient than a similar resale house. You can check out the HERS site for more information. Newer, more efficient appliances, improved insulation and cost-effective HVAC units are the key to lower HERS scores.   8. Closets and Storage Larger closets, walk-in closets, his and hers closets, custom shelving, and other space-saving, organizing tools are options that win over today’s buyers. Older homes tend to have smaller, less accessible closets and minimal space for storage.   9. A Garage That Is Actually a Garage Buyers are looking for a minimum of a two car garage space, attached for convenience, with room to store some stuff as well as actually protecting your cars from the elements. Older homes rarely provide this kind of luxury, where most of today’s homebuilders specialize in this particular modern convenience.   10. A Laundry Room A dedicated space for “doing the wash” has become immensely popular. Homebuyers aren’t happy with stashing their washers and dryers in a basement or behind a folding slat door that used to be a pantry or closet; they’re looking for a custom space with drying racks and rods, a sundries closet and plenty of shelving.   At Ernest Signature Custom Homes, we take our customer’s needs and wants seriously. Our goal is to always provide the top-ranked amenities to our customers. Call us at (912) 756-4135 or send us an email today! We’ll give you a tour of our model homes and design gallery, show you our floorplans and answer any questions you may have about our award-winning homes.

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