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September 20, 2017

Anyone Can Be the Victim of Internet Scams

Today we’re going to talk about something really important – something very serious. Our society has become a population consumed by our devices. Computers are everywhere…on our laps, on our tablets, in our phones. The Internet, email and social media have become so much a part of our everyday lives that we often forget that they can be very dangerous places. Anyone who gets online can get a nasty surprise at any time. Ernest Signature Custom Homes has always taken pride in our sterling reputation. We strive at ALL times to provide the highest quality products, superb customer service and an honest, transparent relationship with every single person we touch. Whether you’re a customer, a vendor, a business partner or a stranger reaching out for more information, we take our responsibility to always put our best foot forward very seriously. It came to our attention that our company has been misrepresented by an individual who isn’t concerned about integrity and has no moral compass. A scam artist has taken the name of a respectable real estate professional working at a legitimate mortgage company in California and has put together a fraudulent marketing plan using her name and contact information that features our name and company logo. This has been done without our permission. This tech criminal sends out marketing emails to individuals who might be interested in obtaining real estate loans. This person sets out to rob victims of their money by having them structure a bogus loan that is in no way related to what we do here at Ernest Signature Custom Homes. Here is an example of an email that was sent to a potential scam victim who was suspicious enough to blow the whistle on this relentless money grab. With funding from Earnest Home LLC, you can make improvements and grow your business quickly. EXPANSION CAPITAL GROUP: FAST, FLEXIBLE FUNDING TO GROW YOUR BUSINESS Our products are a perfect fit for businesses that are looking for something faster than a traditional bank loan. We get you the Real Estate Investment loan you need with minimal paperwork and a quick decision so that you can grow your business. We fund from $5,000 to $1,000.000.00 depending on the profitability of the investment venture. Every business is unique Our customers may come from different backgrounds, but they all have one thing in common—they need Real Estate Investment Capital. We've been successfully serving businesses and have developed the technology and systems to quickly evaluate your business. Go ahead and take the first step by applying with us. You'll then get a dedicated business banker that is ready to listen and help. You might be surprised at how much capital you could be tapping into. To request a funding evaluation, do get back to us via this mail. Thanks and looking forward to working with you on your next real estate deal. Thanks, Kristina Lynn Villegas Earnest Home LLC.  There are several clues that you can identify from this email that may indicate that this may be a fraudulent offer. Email or Internet scams often contain spelling and grammatical errors, as they are often generated overseas by people who use English as a second language. In this email, mistakes such as the capitalization of the first letters of the phrase “real estate investment” and “real estate investment capital” are incorrect, and the impostor spells our company name incorrectly, although our logo, which is used in the marketing package, spells our name correctly. Some of the phrasing in this email is awkward and unnatural sounding, which is also a red flag indicating a potential scam. It’s also very important to do your research when you receive an offer such as this that may seem appealing. Before acting, do an internet search to find the company featured in the offer and make sure that their website offers the same products and services as the ones offered in the email. In this case, anyone going to the website connected with our logo would quickly see that we are not lenders. We have no lending programs and focus all of our energies on building superior homes for people in the Coastal Empire. The real Kristina Villegas and the management at Ernest Signature Custom Homes have contacted the proper authorities and are aggressively pursuing legal action. Our goal is to protect the people who are interested in working with us in every way, at every time. We want to let you know that we’re looking out for you, and to warn you that there are people lurking online that don’t feel the same way as we do. Be careful out there.

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