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January 30, 2019

Welcome Winter with Fireplaces!

Thinking about a fireplace for your next home? This is the time of year where the idea is particularly appealing…crisp, cooler days and chilly nights bring thoughts of crackling fires and warm times spent together. There’s a lot of great reasons to bring a fireplace into your home – whether it’s an indoor model or a creative chiminea or outdoor unit to accent to your yard. Working with Wood… The Cozy Factor No matter how you slice it, nothing says cozy like a fire. The dancing flames are not only fun to watch, the warmth they give promotes comfort, cheer and relaxation. Pull out a good book, knitting, puzzles or games and devote an hour or two to family time or personal hobbies. Spirits rise and cares float away when you add a fireplace to your great room, family room or living room. Find a sitter for the kids, open a bottle of wine, and create your own intimate, romantic date night without leaving home. And if you love the aroma of a burning fire, it’s fantastic to know you can experience it any time you like. It Has the Power… To keep you warm and fed if necessary. If you have electric heat, a fireplace is a lifesaver during storms or power outages. You may need to add an extra pair of socks or another sweater, but you won’t experience bone-chilling cold with a fireplace to keep you company. Roast hot dogs or sausages over an open flame, finish with toasted marshmallows and chocolate on graham crackers, and you have the ultimate picnic meal right in your living room. Outdoor units can be outfitted with grill tops as well, allowing for a greater range of food preparation. Adds Elegance to Your Room or Yard A fireplace instantly “ups the ante” on fashion and flair when added to a room. With a variety of styles and accessories available, it’s a great way to personalize the décor of your home and show off your interior design skills. When it comes to entertaining during the cooler months, move the crowd outside and gather around your outdoor fireplace, warm the cider and create your own bonfire! Lighten Up on Energy Consumption Unlike fossil fuels, firewood is a sustainable source of energy. It leaves no carbon footprint and in most areas, the cost of firewood is low. Use firewood to replace some of your other fuel sources, and you’ll likely notice a drop in your heating costs. And don’t forget gas fireplaces! They provide the energy savings, warmth, elegance and flair of their wood-burning cousins, but offer a few other pluses: Convenience Easier to start and more consistent, gas fireplaces now have great features such as remote controls, timers that automatically shut off the unit and blowers and fans that can circulate warm air into areas other than those where the unit is located. You don’t have to store logs or lug them from place to place. Gas fireplaces also don’t require nearly as much cleanup and maintenance as their wood fire counterparts. Love Your Air Natural gas fireplaces won’t release particles or fumes into your home, which is a definite advantage for those with breathing difficulties or allergies. Go Chimney Free Some models of gas fireplaces don’t require a chimney, saving you time and money when it comes to the recommended yearly inspection of the chimney of a working wood-burning fireplace. Cost Depending on the style you choose, many gas-powered fireplaces cost less to install than a comparable wood-burning unit.

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