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October 24, 2023

Fall Design Ideas You’ll Fall For

It’s that time of year! The crisp, cool weather, bright leaves, and festive scents surround you, letting you know it’s the fall season. At Ernest Homes, we love spending the season enjoying all of the favorite festivities of the season, from carving pumpkins to sipping pumpkin lattes. There’s an energy in the air that inspires a fresh look. With the new season in full swing, there’s no better time to spruce up the aesthetic of your home to match the lovable flair of fall! Here are a few fall decorating ideas to easily transform your home.

Start With A Fall Color Palette

Fall is known for warm hues that make your home super cozy. You can start with your home’s existing color palette and create a color scheme that complements it. The earthy hues like rich browns, deep oranges, and golden yellows can easily be added to a range of designs. If orange, rust, and brown aren’t your thing, use neutral, organic items like green, cream, and white gourds with pinecones, and sprigs of eucalyptus instead. Just keep it simple and remember that not every color has to be used to add that touch of fall flavor.

Bring In the Outdoors

There are so many natural elements you can use to decorate your home for fall. The natural beauty of the season is right outside your door and ready to be used. It’s also a great budget-friendly way to decorate. Grab some colorful leaves, branches, pinecones and even seasonal fruits (apples or pears). Fill bowls with acorns, pinecones, pumpkins or cinnamon sticks for a seasonal centerpiece.

The Coziest Comforts (Blankets and Throw Pillows)

A few favorite go-to’s for fall decor are cozy blankets and throw pillows. And you don’t have to spend a lot! Go to your favorite discount home furnishing store and look for 2 or 3 pillows in your favorite fall colors or with a fun fall motif, toss them on your sofa with a cozy blanket to match, and you’re good to go. You can also choose luscious colors mixed with textural pillows that give a nod to the autumn season and can be used year to year. Not only with this look stylish, but that cozy blanket will come in handy on those chilly fall nights!

Don’t Be Afraid to DIY

Do It Yourself decorations are a fun way to get into the vibe of the season while feeling pride in your decor. It also doesn’t hurt that it saves money! Pick two or three project ideas to incorporate into your living areas and outdoors. Here are some ideas you can easily make:

Indian corn wreath - These mini corns have a beautiful color and texture that pop against the front door. It’s just a matter of gluing them into a wreath form.

Natural vases - Choose produce like gourds and squash in different colors and sizes, and dig a hole to accommodate your flowers for a fresh, natural addition to any space in your home.

Ombre pumpkin centerpiece - Paint mini white pumpkins in different shades (think reds and pinks, greens and blues, or light, cream colors) and situate them throughout the center of your table. You can also place painted faux pumpkins outdoors on the patio or porch.

If you’re ready to try out some of these ideas in a new home, Ernest Homes has a range of home styles in the Georgia coastal area. You can choose a quick move-in home designed by our professional designers or work with our Design Consultants in our Design Studio to personalize your home. Either way, we look forward to helping you find the perfect place for fall or any other season. Contact us at (912) 660-9673 to get started!


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