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February 7, 2023

Reasons To Choose An Available Home

If you’ve ever built a new home before, you know that it can take several months of construction before it’s ready for you to move into (and maybe even longer). Today, people prefer to have things a bit faster but don’t want to sacrifice quality. 

When life happens and you’re not able to wait, how can you move to a new home quickly and still have all of the same quality as a to-be-built home? Your answer is a home that’s already being built, otherwise known as an Available Home. Skip the waiting and enjoy a brand new, never-lived-in home sooner rather than later.

When you buy an Available Home with Ernest Homes, you get all the benefits of new construction plus the bonus of a quicker move-in timeline.

Because these homes are already under construction, our professional designers have chosen stunning finish packages that include modern appliances and fixtures, on-trend paint colors and flooring styles, and swoon-worthy features. You can move into a professionally-designed home without lifting a finger! Here are a few more benefits of buying an Available home:

  • The construction and release of available homes have been planned in advance to improve the accuracy of supply orders and manage costs. This translates into a predictable price and more cost savings for you. It also means a more time-efficient building process.
  • Available homes are our most popular, best-selling floor plans. They have universal appeal and include features and designs that buyers are asking for. In other words, they have everything you would expect and love in a new construction home.
  • Since we are better able to manage supplies and costs, even if you purchase an available home before it is completely finished, we can provide realistic expectations for closing dates… and meet them!
  • By offering available homes, we can more easily meet customer demand for new homes, and that leads to what we strive for every day — happy homeowners!

Ready to move to Coastal Georgia? We have a variety of incredible homes in our New Haven At Belmont Glen and Dunham Marsh- The Villas communities that are all-new and waiting for you! Some of these Available Homes will be ready in the next few weeks, so don’t hesitate to give us a call to schedule a visit. 

We're open! Our models are now open during normal hours, however, we are still offering virtual and private appointments. Contact us today to schedule!

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