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April 5, 2024

Is A Townhome Right For You?

There are many different types of homes to choose from and not one type of home fits everyone. So which is the right one for you? While single-family homes are popular, many homebuyers find that townhomes suit their lifestyle and budget better. Ernest Homes offers both types of homes, but today, we’d like to shine a light on why you should consider a townhome…especially one in our New Haven at Belmont Glen community.

The Benefits of Owning A Townhome

First, let’s quickly describe what a townhome is. Townhomes are attached homes, meaning they are connected on one or both sides with another home creating a row or terrace of homes. They are typically two to three stories with taller, narrower structural characteristics. Many townhomes will have the main living areas on the bottom floor and bedrooms on the upper floors. They are a great choice for many reasons. Here are a few:

1. Efficient Use of Space

Townhomes are renowned for their efficient use of space, offering multi-level layouts that maximize living areas while minimizing maintenance requirements. This aspect appeals to busy professionals, small families, and downsizers, providing the perfect balance between comfort and practicality. They offer great privacy with bedrooms tucked away from the main living areas.

2. Cost Effective

The smaller, compact sizes of townhomes make them more affordable than single-family homes. Because they’re attached, there’s less land spaced used and little overhead needed to maintain them. This includes the cost of heating and cooling (especially for interior townhomes) because there are no windows on the sides to let hot or cold air escape easily. The lower cost is one reason townhomes are great for first-time home buyers who want the advantages of homeownership but have a tight budget.

3. Low-Maintenance Living

One of the primary draws of townhome living is the reduced maintenance burden compared to single-family homes. With exterior upkeep typically handled by the homeowners' association (HOA), residents can focus on enjoying their homes and community amenities without worrying about yard work or exterior repairs. Save the time and money spent on gardening and maintenance and enjoy free weekends for whatever you want.

4. Community Connectivity

Townhome communities foster a strong sense of community, encouraging interaction among neighbors while respecting individual privacy. Shared amenities such as parks, pools, and recreational facilities create opportunities for socializing and forming lasting bonds. These close bonds mean neighbors can rely on each other to feel safe and confident there’s someone to watch their property if you go away.

5. Great Location

Many townhome communities, including New Haven at Belmont Glen, are strategically located, offering easy access to shopping, dining, entertainment, and employment opportunities. This urban connectivity appeals to professionals seeking convenience and a vibrant lifestyle without sacrificing the comforts of home.

Check Out the Townhomes in New Haven at Belmont Glen

Ernest Homes offers modern townhomes in our New Haven at Belmont Glen community. Located in Guyton, GA in the sought-after South Effingham area, these townhomes offer residents a sanctuary to call home while enjoying the benefits of a well-connected and vibrant neighborhood. Our townhomes exemplify the benefit of space, featuring modern floor plans that optimize every square foot, ensuring residents enjoy both functionality and style.

Whether you're a young professional seeking access to daily conveniences and entertainment, a family desiring a low-maintenance lifestyle, or an empty nester looking for community connections, New Haven at Belmont Glen caters to diverse lifestyles with grace and functionality. Explore the seamless blend of comfort, convenience, and community, and contact us to learn more about the opportunities available.


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