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July 15, 2016

Trends in Home Furnishings

If you’ve recently bought new construction in Savannah, GA, or are thinking about buying a new home, more than likely you’ll be picking up some new furniture to go along with it. In fact, you may need to start from scratch and outfit your whole house! If you’re going to be investing in new furnishings, we’re here to share some of the latest trends in home décor. Our Design Studio staff takes pride in staying current with what’s new and exciting when it comes to decorating options for your new house. Go Green Today’s furniture is often designed and constructed with an eye to conservation and a smaller carbon footprint. Environmentally sustainable, recycled and repurposed materials are becoming more and more popular. Another important aspect of the green furniture movement is a growing interest in antique and vintage furniture, where all-natural materials and quality construction were part of the manufacturing process. Restoring vintage pieces yourself is not only rewarding, it can be significantly less expensive as well! Size is Everything Over the past decade, furniture in general has become smaller, sleeker and less ornate. A more contemporary look is common in today’s homes, as buyers tend to choose less ponderous pieces for their rooms. Streamlined furniture allows home owners to maximize the space they have. Multipurpose Furniture Ottomans that open for storage or unfold into comfortable beds, fold-away bars, end tables that house kitty litter boxes or beds mounted on drawer units with built-in bookcase headboards are great examples. With many homeowners chronically short on space, these handy pieces do double duty. The New Face of Leather Always popular, leather furniture has been making a resurgence. Now available in a wide variety of designer colors and updated silhouettes, leather is easy to maintain and retains its good looks longer than many upholstery fabrics. Beyond Your Everyday Bed In the last few years, there has been an explosion of options when it comes to sleeping surfaces. Memory foam, cool-sleep options, number control mattresses and adjustable beds are just a few options that are putting pressure on standard mattress manufacturers. No matter what your preference, you find the ideal way to get a good night’s sleep. Custom Built Furniture For many years, homebuyers ‘made do’ with pieces of furniture that were almost what they wanted. However, custom furniture shops are springing up everywhere, as homebuyers invest in creating the perfect item for their needs. Even mainstream manufacturers such as Ethan Allen and Thomasville are offering an increasing amount of customization to their customers. Outdoor Furniture Takes Center Stage As more homeowners expand their living spaces with sunrooms, covered porches, decks and patios, outdoor furniture has come a long way since the days of aluminum tubing and plastic webbing. In fact, many manufacturers offer lines of outdoor furniture that is right at home indoors as well. The texture, color and patterns of outdoor furniture textiles has improved enormously in recent years, making these pieces more comfortable and appealing for everyday use. Technology-based Furniture Entertainment centers, desks and bedroom furniture have entered the digital age! Now constructed to allow for the placement of a wide variety of electronics, gadgets and devices, your home office and media centers have evolved with the times. Nightstands and accent tables even have pull-out shelves, outlets and USB ports for charging laptops, iPods and phones! Go Bold Unlike decades past, today’s furniture shoppers are more likely to go with bright, deep or unusual colors when shopping for furniture. The days of “It’s a neutral color that will go with everything” thinking have passed. Now it’s about striking patterns, florals unusual textures and visual interest. Many consumers have become more adventurous when it comes to furnishing their homes. Our Design Studio staff at The Gallery at Ernest Homes is at your service! When you’re getting ready to create your home space, we’re here to answer questions, provide guidance and offer options you may never have considered. Call us at (912) 756-4135 or send us an email today!

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